Loving Luther

Loving Luther
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    ISBN: 9781414390451
    Author: Allison Pittman
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Tyndale
    Size: 5½ X 8¼
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    Germany, 1505

    In the dark of night, Katharina von Bora says the bravest goodbye a six-year-old can muster and walks away as the heavy convent gate closes behind her.

    Though the cold walls offer no comfort, Katharina soon finds herself calling the convent home. God, her father. This, her life. She takes her vows—a choice more practical than pious—but in time, a seed of discontent is planted by the smuggled writings of a rebellious, excommunicated priest named Martin Luther. The message? That Katharina is subject to God, and no one else. Could the Lord truly desire more for her than this life of servitude?

    In her first true step of faith, Katharina leaves the only life she has ever known. But the freedom she has craved comes with a price, and she finds she has traded one life of isolation for another. Without the security of the convent walls or a family of her own, Katharina must trust in both the God who saved her and the man who paved a way for rescue. Luther's friends are quick to offer shelter, but Katharina longs for all Luther promised: a home, a husband, perhaps even a chance to fall in love.