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Little Lights Biographies - Set of 14

Little Lights Biographies - Set of 14
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    Author: Catherine Mackenzie
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
    Series: Little Lights Biographies
    Ages: 5 to 10
    Size: 6 X 8½
    For Grades: K to 4
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    Teach little ones about great men and women who have followed God's path. Learn about missionaries David Livingstone and Amy Carmichael, Dutch World War II Resistance leader Corrie ten Boom, the great Martin Luther, reformer John Calvin, and many others who lived by the courage of their convictions and faith.

    Inside- Mary Slessor: What Is It Like?

    Titles include:

    Amy Carmichael: Can Brown Eyes Be Made Blue?

    When Amy Carmichael was a little girl she had begged God to give her blue eyes. Blue eyes were not the eyes of India—but Amy's brown eyes were.

    Hudson Taylor: Could Somebody Pass the Salt?

    Young Hudson Taylor's story of a missing bowl of soup is an amusing tale from his childhood. In the end Hudson gets his soup—but that isn't all. Hudson Taylor learns about the country of China. One day he will go there by himself to tell the people of China about the Lord Jesus.

    Corrie ten Boom: Are All of the Watches Safe?

    Tells the true story of Corrie ten Boom and little Dutch watch shop. While she mends watches she is constantly watching out for danger to ensure that her friends in the secret room are safe. Tells the story of God who is the only one who can keep us safe.

    George Muller: Does Money Grow On Trees?

    George Muller didn't like to work and tried to get his money in other ways. He would cheat and steal and was eventually thrown in prison. Find out how God changed George from a thief to someone even children could trust.

    Helen Roseveare: What's in the Parcel?

    In the Jungle an orphan baby need a hot water bottle—urgently—but no one would ever send one of these to the heat of the equator would they? However, when a little girl prays for God to send one that afternoon, Helen Roseveare wonders if her prayer will be answered. Will God send a hot water bottle to the equator? Find out what happens when Helen opens the parcel. 

    David Livingstone: Who Is the Bravest?

    What would you do if a lion chased you? Would you fight it? That's what David Livingstone did. He did many brave things. He didn't think twice about traveling to Africa to tell the people there about Jesus, even though it was a dangerous trip. To do all this David had to be brave—but he was brave because he trusted in the bravest person of all—the Lord Jesus Christ.

    John Calvin: What Is the Truth?

    When John Calvin was a young boy he was taught many things that weren't true but when he discovered the truth about God and Jesus Christ it was a very exciting time for him. It was so exciting he could not keep this amazing truth to himself—he just had to tell other people. God helped John Calvin to teach the truth. He was one of the men who started what we now call the Reformation.

    Martin Luther: What Should I Do?

    At the boarding school in Eisenach, Martin and his friends had to sing for their supper. As well as working out ways to get some tasty food before bedtime, Martin spent a lot of time thinking about how to get to heaven. Martin thought that he had to pray for hours on end, eat very little, work very hard and study a great many good books, in order to have his sins forgiven. However, as he began to read God's Word for himself, he discovered that the answer was not in doing these things, but by putting his trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Eric Liddell: Are You Ready?

    'On your marks, get set, Go!' The race begins and Eric Liddell thunders down the track. The crowd cheers him on. Eric Liddell has spent months preparing himself for the Olympics. But he has also spent years getting ready to serve God. Which is more important—winning a gold medal or honouring Jesus Christ? Can Eric do both?

    Mary Slessor: What Is It Like?

    Mary Slessor was a fiery young red head who led a tough life. From the slums of Dundee in Scotland she travelled to the wild jungles of Africa. Wherever she went she shared the good news of Jesus Christ. What was it like to work in a jute mill in Dundee or to work amongst warrior tribes in Africa? It was hard work, it was dangerous—but it was an adventure to be working for God.

    C.S. Lewis: Can You Imagine?

    C.S. Lewis loved stories and books. Even as a little boy he dreamed up amazing worlds with talking animals. However, nothing in his imagination could give him the joy that the one true God could give. Find out how the little boy from Ireland grew up to be one of the best known children's writers of the twentieth century and one of the best defenders of the Christian faith. There's a lion and a wardrobe in this story but most importantly there is a wonderful, powerful God who created imagination.

    Gladys Aylward: Are You Going to Stop?

    Gladys Aylward wasn't very clever, she wasn't very rich but she was determined to become a missionary in China. She learned the language and discovered there was something she was really good at—telling stories about Jesus. Gladys started an orphanage and adopted some children herself. Find out how she trusted God to help her and the orphans escape a war zone. The little lady from London couldn't be stopped, because the unstoppable God was with her.

    Lottie Moon: What Do You Need?

    Lottie Moon had little to occupy her mind beyond school lessons, dresses and pranks... oh and skipping church whenever she could. However, one day things changed for Lottie. Find out how the naughty little rich girl gave her life to mission work in China. Today she is one of the best remembered missionaries in America, with millions of dollars having been raised by her memorial Christmas offering.


    John Knox: Who Will Save You?

    John Knox was a bright young lad who grew up to be a strong fighter for truth and liberty. He had a gentle, but fiercely loyal heart and became a stalwart defender of the Reformed faith. He thundered the truth that neither good works, popes or priests can save you from sin—but Christ alone. This fiery Scot refused to give in to religion or royalty—it was the Bible, the Word of God that was his standard.