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Lion of War - Set of 2

Lion of War - Set of 2
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    Author: Cliff Graham
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Zondervan
    Series: Lion of War
    Size: 5¾ X 9
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    The Lion of War books are a gritty, intense, stylistic portrait of the Mighty Men of Israel—a band of disgruntled warriors on the run with David, whose legendary deeds are recorded in 2 Samuel 23 and 1 Chronicles 11.

    Titles include:

    Day of War

    In ancient Israel, at the crossroads of the great trading routes, a man named Benaiah, seeking to bury his troubled past, has joined a band of soldiers led by a warlord named David. Their ragged army is full of disgruntled, reckless men. Some are loyal to David. Others are only with him for the promise of captured wealth. As the ruthless and insane King Saul marches hopelessly against the powerful Philistines, the land of the Hebrew tribes has never been more despondent—and more in need of rescue. From snowy mountain passes to terrifying battlefields, always alone and always outnumbered, Benaiah and his fellow mercenaries must call upon every skill they have to survive... if they don't kill each other first.


    Covenant of War

    After years of crippling civil war, the northern tribes ask David, king of Judah, to make a covenant of protection with them. But near the Great Sea, an enormous force of the hated Philistines mobilizes to crush the Israelites while they are at their weakest. Fighting amongst themselves has left the Hebrew armies scattered, drought is ravaging the land, and there are rumors of treachery within David's inner circle. Eleazar son of Dodai yearns to live peacefully, but his deadly skills are desperately needed. In the sun-drenched valleys and dark forests of the hill country, Eleazar will make his stand, and the fate of the nation rests on the power of their God and the courage of a band of warriors known as the Mighty Men.