Like Sisters Keepsake Set from American Girl

Like Sisters Keepsake Set from American Girl
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    ISBN: 9781338530698
    Author: Clare Hutton
    Format: Boxed Set
    Publisher: Scholastic
    Series: American Girl
    Ages: 8 to 12
    Size: 8 X 8
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    A group of girls so close, they're just Like Sisters!

    Get to know Emma, Natalia, Zoe, and Caitlin in this keepsake box of fun and funny stories.
    From starting a dog-sitting service to competing in a high-stakes trivia contest, these four friends know that when you stick together, anything is possible.


    • Four Chapter Books
    • Collectible Clip-On
    • Keepsake Box

    Titles include:

    Emma Moves In

    Emma has always fantasized about living in the same seaside town as her twin cousins, Natalia and Zoe. But now that she's there, things aren't going quite the way she expected.

    Natalia Takes the Lead

    Canine chaos comes to Seaview House! Several dogs are staying at the family bed and breakfast with their owners. There's even going to be a wedding-with dog ring bearers! Natalia loves dogs and is eager to help out, so she offers to watch and walk all the guests' dogs. She's sure her sister, Zoe and her cousin, Emma, will help too.

    Natalie doesn't realize she's bitten off more than she can chew until one of the dogs goes missing. If the girls can't find it , the wedding will be wrecked!

    Zoe is On the Air

    When Zoe and Emma start giving advice on a school-wide TV show, the response is more than Zoe ever expected. Kids Zoe never even talked to before seek her out for help with their problems

    Zoe's riding high on her success...until her classmates start actually following her advice! Zoe thought she had all the answers-why is everything going so wrong?

    Caitlin in Charge

    Caitlin has a talent for trivia and is delighted when Emma, Zoe, and Natalia vote her captain of their school trivia team.

    But being a captain is more complicated than Caitlin thought it would be. When a potential advantage for an upcoming contest falls in her lap, Caitlin has to decide what to do. Is this the big break her team needs...or is it cheating?