This New Life - Life With Series

This New Life - Life With Series
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    ISBN: 9781857926613
    Author: Sheila Jacobs
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Christian Focus
    Series: Life With Series
    Ages: 14 and Up
    Size: 4½ X6¾
    Total Pages: 144
    Accelerated Reader: No
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    Just when you think you've got life worked out

    along comes something that knocks you flat.

    Sammy has been getting along fine with her best friend Amanda up till now. It's not that they've fallen out or anything. The problem is Stacy. Stacy Morgan to be precise. Stacy wants to be famous, a celebrity, an actress. But nobody likes Stacy and her big ideas. In fact, Stacy is actually the least popular girl in the school who insists on coming round to Sammy's house, staying for tea and chats and generally getting in the way. Sammy knows that she shouldn't join in with the others who laugh at Stacy behind her back. But then doing the right thing was never easy... as Sammy is about to find out, especially when Stacy has set her sights on Tim—the best looking guy at the youth club. Sammy is finding out that living as a Christian is more than just words... it's actions... and then she finds out the truth about Stacy Morgan.