The Princess and the Pigs - Lifehouse Theater CD

The Princess and the Pigs - Lifehouse Theater CD
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    ISBN: 9788845013089
    Format: CDs
    Publisher: Lifehouse Productions
    Series: Lifehouse Theater
    Ages: 8 and Up
    Size: 5½ x 4¾
    Running Time (Minutes): 42
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    Poor King Atreo! How could he be raising such an impossible princess? For though she is exceedingly beautiful, Princess Mirabel is ridiculously rude, spoiled and selfish. But the king has a surprising idea that will change his daughter's life forever. After an amazing encounter with a singing beggar and a herd of pampered pigs, Mirabel will never be the same! This hilarious dramatization of the Grimm Brothers tale is at once insightful, poignant and amusing.