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The Family of Jesus - Life Changing Bible Story

The Family of Jesus - Life Changing Bible Story
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    ISBN: 9781501143120
    Author: Karen Kingsbury
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Howard
    Series: Life Changing Bible Story
    Size: 5¼ X 8½
    Total Pages: 288
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    Meet the family closest to Jesus...

    Joseph, his stepfather: the protector of Jesus

    Zechariah, his uncle: a priest who waited on God

    Elizabeth, his aunt: a woman who faithfully believed in the impossible

    John the Baptist, his brother: a man whose regret turned to joy

    Mary, his mother: a woman desperate to save her son from the one mission she couldn't stop

    Told in vivid and dramatic life-changing detail, these stories will draw you closer to Jesus and make you read and imagine the Bible like never before.

    Based on the Bible and interspersed with emotionally gripping fictional details as well as historical and theological insights, these stories of Jesus's family will shed new light on God's word. Includes daily application questions, group discussion guides, and homework questions to help facilitate small group study.