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The Companion Guide to Lies Women Believe

The Companion Guide to Lies Women Believe
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    Author: Nancy Leigh DeMoss
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Moody
    Series: Lies Women Believe
    Size: 7½ X 10
    Total Pages: 128
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    Since the original release of Lies Women Believe, many women have written to share the impact of this message on their thinking and their walk with God. This study guide was developed as a result of inquiries from women all over the country desiring to go deeper in understanding and applying the message of Lies Women Believe.

    The Companion Guide for Lies Women Believe is made up of ten sessions and is designed for individuals and small groups. Each chapter includes the following features:

    • In a Nutshell—gives you an overview of the chapter to be studied from Lies Women Believe and reminds you of the lies discussed within that chapter.
    • Exploring the Truth—offers a daily personal study for you to complete during the course of the week between your small group meetings. Each day's study includes a few pages to read from Lies Women Believe and then questions to answer under the subtitles "Realize," "Reflect," and "Respond."
    • Walking Together in the Truth —provides questions to be discussed when your small group meets.

    Perfect for small groups, Bibles studies and church classes.