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Let's Find Out! Government - Set of 6

Let's Find Out! Government - Set of 6
    Accelerated Readers
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    Author: Various
    Format: Reinforced Hardcover
    Publisher: Britannica Educational Publishing
    Series: Let's Find Out! Government
    Ages: 6 to 10
    Size: 8¼ x 8¼
    Total Pages: 32
    For Grades: 1 to 4
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    Understanding the laws and government of one’s town, state, and nation is the responsibility of every citizen. In this engaging, easy-to-follow series, students will gain insight into the United States government, including its three main branches and the Constitution. Citizenship and taxes are also covered. A valuable resource for all young readers, this series will teach them about the structure, organization, and responsibilities of the government, along with their rights as citizens or residents.

    • Government terminology is fully explained through vocabulary boxes and a glossary
    • “Compare and Contrast” and “Think About It” boxes encourage the reader to investigate further
    • Aligns with social studies curriculum

    Titles include:

    What is Citizenship?

    What is the Constitution?

    What is the Executive Branch?

    What is the Judicial Branch?

    What is the Legislative Branch?

    What Are Taxes?