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The Middle East - Kingfisher Knowledge

The Middle East - Kingfisher Knowledge
    Note: There are 4 references to the age of the Earth being 10,000 years old.
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    Author: Philip Steele
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Kingfisher
    Series: Kingfisher Knowledge
    Ages: 12 and Up
    Size: 9 X 11
    Total Pages: 64
    For Grades: 6 and Up
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    Kingfisher Knowledge takes readers into the heart of a subject. Stunning photographs and digital artworks capture the essence of each topic, while compelling text guides the reader through a wealth of information. Each chapter encourages children to discover more through links to websites, books and places to visit, and also suggests possible career opportunities.

    The Middle East takes a close look at the people and places of this diverse and fascinating region, from the world's first civilizations built around its rivers to the countries that play a central role in today's world. Find out where different religions were born and how they shaped nations and cultures. Discover ancient trading routes, centuries-old monuments and modern capitals. Learn about co-operation and conflict, oil and resources, today's troubles and hopes for the future.