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Kids' Money Book - With Slots to Hold Coins

Kids' Money Book - With Slots to Hold Coins
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    Format: Spiral Bound
    Publisher: Product Concept Mfg., Inc.
    Ages: 6 and Up
    Size: 8¼ X 10
    Total Pages: 10
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    From an early age, kids start asking for products advertised on TV and things their friends have. Many receive a weekly allowance. This book starts kids thinking about spending, saving, and sharing, and encourages them to follow God's rules concerning money. By following the story, kids will see that spending all their money at once is not necessarily the best choice! They'll see that it is a good idea to save money for the future. They will learn to ask themselves if it's smart to borrow or loan money. They will begin to understand how important it is to share things with others. Children will learn the value of different coins, and the book also provides places for children to save and store their own coins.