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Keystone Stables Set of 8

Keystone Stables Set of 8
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    Author: Marsha Hubler
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: ZonderKidz
    Series: Keystone Stables
    Ages: 8 to 14
    Size: 5½ X 8½
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    Titles include:

    A Horse to Love

    Most people know Keystone Stables as a very special dude ranch. For thirteen-year-old Skye Nicholson, it is her last chance. With Skye's growing record of offenses, only the owners of Keystone, Tom and Eileen Chambers, can keep her from being sent to juvenile detention.

    On the Victory Trail

    Sooze Bodmer is Skye's best friend. She's also one of the biggest troublemakers at school, so it's no wonder that she winds up joining Skye at Keystone Stables. With its champion horses, Keystone is unlike any other foster home. But Sooze is unlike anyone Keystone has ever seen.

    Southern Belle's Special Gift

    From the moment she arrives at Keystone Stables, Tanya's arrogant attitude makes her as prickly as a porcupine to Skye, Morgan, and their friends. Just one thing besides her books excites the spoiled city girl—a beautiful chestnut Morgan mare.

    Summer Camp Adventure

    When Skye tries to teach a hearing-impaired boy how to ride Western style at a summer camp for special needs kids, she runs into a bigger challenge than she ever imagined.

    Leading the Way

    Katie doesn't like horses—or so she says, until she meets Keystone Stables' champion barrel racer, Boomerang. Can a blind girl learn to ride a horse? With Skye's help, the answer is yes!

    Blue Ribbon Champ

    Joey Klingerman is one of the most loving kids you could ever meet, but Skye would welcome a lot less of his affection. This is Joey's second summer at Keystone Stables, and the outgoing boy has latched onto Skye as his "girlfriend." Skye finds his attention embarrassing and frustrating.

    Whispering Hope

    Wanda Stallord is a wild, nasty handful when she first comes to Keystone Stables, and Skye is put off by the teenager's grungy clothes and thirst for trouble. The former gang member is a lot like Keystone's other recent arrival, a beautiful but uncontrollable Mustang called Rebel.

    The Long Ride Home

    On a trip to South Carolina with her foster family, Skye gets the shock of her life when the waitress at a local diner seems to recognize her. The woman proves to be Skye's long-lost Aunt Millie—Skye's first-ever contact with her flesh-and-blood family!