Journeys to the Edge of Creation Set of 2 DVD

Journeys to the Edge of Creation Set of 2 DVD
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    ISBN: 9781575672526
    Format: DVD
    Publisher: Moody Video
    Series: Journeys to the Edge of Creation
    Ages: 10 and up
    Size: 5½ X 7½
    Running Time (Minutes): 80
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    Exploring the magnitude of God's power and love

    The cosmos! A vast frontier of seemingly infinite wonder and size. Now you can see it unfold before your very eyes.

    Marvel at the magnificence. Thrill to the diversity as you soar effortlessly among the planets; through blazing, brilliant galaxies; beyond quasars, nebulae, exploding stars and mysterious black holes.

    Join scientific experts in this timeless quest for discovery, enhanced by amazing tools of astronomy that draw the deepest regions of space into clearer focus than at any time in history.

    Running Time: approximately 40 minutes per episode

    Titles include:

    • Our Solar System
    • The Milky Way & Beyond