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It's Catching/It's Not Catching - Set of 5

It's Catching/It's Not Catching - Set of 5
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    ISBN: 9781403448200
    Author: Angela Royston
    Format: Reinforced Hardcover
    Publisher: Heinemann
    Series: Its Catching/Its Not Catching
    Ages: 7 to 11
    Size: 7½ X 9
    Total Pages: 32
    For Grades: 2 to 4
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    — Inside Allergies

    The It's Not Catching books in this series gives children the information they need about conditions and health problems they may come across in their everyday life. Each title uses familiar situations to introduce simple science and health concepts.

    We all get sick sometimes. The It's Catching books in this series gives you the information you need to know about the illnesses you come across at home and at school.

    — Inside Cuts & Grazes

    Features include:

    • Approximately 32 pages in each book
    • Index
    • Glossary

    Titles include:

    It's Not Catching: Allergies

    Describes the symptoms and treatment of food allergies, skin allergies, and breathing allergies.

    It's Not Catching: Burns & Blisters

    This book explains burns and blisters to children, and aims to dispel negative myths surrounding these conditions.

    It's Not Catching: Cuts & Grazes

    Discusses what cuts and grazes are and how we can get them. Describes how to treat a cut or graze and also how to prevent getting them.

    It's Catching: Head Lice

    Describes the causes, symptoms, and treatment of head lice and how to prevent yourself from getting them.

    It's Catching: Warts

    Looks at warts, what causes them, how they are spread, and how they can be treated.