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In the Footsteps of Explorers - Set of 4

In the Footsteps of Explorers - Set of 4
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    ISBN: 9780778724285
    Format: Reinforced Hardcover
    Publisher: Crabtree
    Series: In the Footsteps of Explorers
    Ages: 9 to 14
    Size: 8½ X 11¼
    Total Pages: 32 pages per book
    Accelerated Reader: Yes
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    Publisher's School and Library Price: $79.80
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    From the great American pioneer, Daniel Boone to the race to the North and South Poles, you will find each of these biographies in this series packed full of information. You will learn how each of these explorers lived and worked, along with the many hardships that they all had to face.

    Inside- Daniel Boone: Woodsman of Kentucky

    Titles include:

    Daniel Boone: Woodsman of Kentucky

    A true American woodsman, Daniel Boone is remembered for his exploration of Kentucky and the establishment in 1775 of the 'Boonesborough' settlement. This exciting book describes his legendary exploits as a trapper and soldier, his meetings with the Shawnee and Cherokee, and his lasting legacy in helping to build the 'Wilderness Road' - one of the most historic highways in America.

    Peary and Henson: The Race to the North Pole

    Although prejudiced attitudes in the early 1900s prevented African American explorer Matthew Henson from receiving his equal credit, he and Robert Peary were true partners in the dangerous race to discover the North Pole. This book describes how they survived exploration in the harsh climate of the Arctic.


    Roald Amundsen: The Conquest of the South Pole

    This fascinating book reveals how Amundsen's years of arctic training, expert dog-handling skills, and luck in finding a quicker route, allowed him to reach the South Pole more than a month before his closest rivals.

    Sir Walter Raleigh: Founding the Virginia Colony

    When England's Queen Elizabeth I asked Sir Walter Raleigh to search for new lands to claim and colonise, her friend and loyal subject pledged to found a colony in tribute to his Queen. This exciting recreation of the founding, loss, and reclamation of the Virginia colony in the late 1500s also describes Raleigh's unsuccessful search for the fabled wealthy kingdom of El Dorado, the deterioration of his relationship with the Queen, and his eventual execution.