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The Imam's Daughter: My Desperate Flight to Freedom

The Imam's Daughter: My Desperate Flight to Freedom
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    ISBN: 9780310318194
    Author: Hannah Shah
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Zondervan
    Size: 5½ X 8½
    Total Pages: 281
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    Hannah Shah is an Imam's daughter. She lived the life of a devout Muslim in a family of Pakistani Muslims in England, but behind the front door, she was a caged butterfly. For over ten years, her father physically and sexually abused her in the cellar of their home.

    At sixteen, she discovered a plan to send her to Pakistan for a forced marriage, and she gathered the courage to run away. Worst of all, from her family's point of view, she converted to Christianity. Relentlessly hunted by her angry father and brothers, who were intent on executing an "honor" killing, Hannah fearfully moved from house to house to escape them.

    Eventually, Hannah was able to live and marry as she wished. She found the courage to live her life free from shame, free from religious intolerance, and free from abuse that haunted her childhood.

    This is the amazing true story of how a young girl escaped a life of torture and married for love... a story you won't forget.