The Imagination Station - Set of 28

The Imagination Station - Set of 28
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    Author: Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker
    Format: Paperback and Hardcover
    Publisher: Tyndale
    Series: The Imagination Station
    Ages: 7 and up
    Size: 5½ x 8
    Accelerated Reader: Yes
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    Here is an easy-to-read adventure series that has now sold over 1,000,000 books in the series.

    When they step into the Imagination Station, kids experience an unforgettable journey filled with action-packed adventure to inspire their imaginations. With each book, they're whisked away with cousins Patrick and Beth to embark on a new journey around the world and back in time.

    Perfect for beginning readers, these easy-to-read chapter books will keep kids entertained as they journey through history with Patrick and Beth.  Each book introduces an important person(s) or event from world history.

    Inside- Escape to the Hiding Place

    Titles include:

    Voyage with the Vikings

    While visiting Mr. Whittaker at Whit's Soda Shoppe, Beth and Patrick find a mysterious letter in the Imagination Station requesting a Viking sunstone. The letter is old and says that someone named Albert will be imprisoned if the sunstone isn't found. Mr. Whittaker sends cousins Patrick and Beth to Greenland circa 1000. On their quest for the sunstone, the cousins meet Vikings Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson—and find the sunstone as they join Leif on his first voyage to North America.

    Attack at the Arena

    At the Roman Colosseum, Emperor Honorius is hosting a gladiator battle in celebration of a war victory. Beth attends the event as the emperor's slave; Patrick attends as a monk's apprentice but is taken prisoner and sent to fight in the arena.

    During their adventure, the cousins meet Telemachus (a true historical figure), a monk who believes that fighting is wrong. Telemachus is willing to risk everything—even his life—to stop the killing. When the cousins return with the cup, they find that a third letter has been sent with more information about Albert's fate.


    Peril in the Palace

    The place? China in 1271. The quest? The golden tablet of Kublai Khan. The problem? Just about everything!

    Patrick and Beth are kidnapped by Mongol warriors. Only the friendship of fellow traveler Marco Polo saves them from harm. They are brought to the Mongol palace, where the Kublai Khan dislikes both their gifts and their message about Christianity. The tension grows when the Mongol magicians challenge the cousins to a spiritual power showdown. As war breaks out, Beth and Patrick are locked in a secret room to prevent their escape. How do the cousins get the golden tablet they need to save Mr. Whittaker's friend Albert? How do they escape the city and find the Imagination Station? Enter the perilous palace and find out!


    Revenge of the Red Knight

    In this Imagination Station adventure, Patrick and Beth find themselves as guests in a beautiful castle in 15th-century England. Through a series of events, the steward of Lord Darkthorn's castle finds the cousins with three artifacts collected in their previous adventures: the stone, the cup, and the golden tablet. They are accused of being thieves and locked in jail. Beth escapes and discovers the identity of the real thief, leading to a jousting contest with a surprising outcome. Set during the War of the Roses in England, Revenge of the Red Knight will teach readers about the Crusades, the integrity of knights and the vows they took, and why men would choose to risk their lives to fight for Christianity.


    Showdown with the Shepherd

    Cousins Patrick and Beth go to the Holy Land in the tenth century BC. Their goal is to get back the ring Hugh stole and return him to 1450s England where he belongs. But troubles await them as soon as they step out of the Imagination Station. First they meet an angry bear and later an angry giant. Set against the backdrop of the David and Goliath story, the cousins learn that having a giant faith is more important than having a giant on your side.

    Problems in Plymouth

    Patrick and Beth's next adventure leads them to Plymouth Plantation in 1621. There they meet William Bradford, Miles Standish, and Chief Massasoit, who are trying to establish peace between the Pilgrims and the Indians. Things are anything but peaceful, however, when a musket is stolen and the Pilgrims conclude the Indians are planning war. Only Patrick and Beth know who the real thief is—the traitor Hugh—and it's up to the cousins to find him and stop him from causing trouble. When the cousins hear a gunshot during the first Thanksgiving feast, their worst fears are realized. They rush to the Mayflower and try to set right history, even as Hugh desperately tries to change it.

    Secret of the Prince's Tomb

    Patrick and Beth witness a grand Egyptian burial, help Gilead and Sherah learn to get along better, and explore the city of Aramis with its ancient wonders and Egyptian customs. All the while Patrick and Beth are trying to figure out how to get back to Whit's End. As they are leaving Egypt, they realize that the funeral they attended was for the biblical Joseph.

    Battle for Cannibal Island

    It's 1852 and cousins Patrick and Beth sail to Fiji on the HMS Calliope under the command of Captain James E. Home. They arrive at the islands to find that the Christian Fijians are at war with the non-Christian Fijians. Missionary James Calvert is trying to make peace and suggests that the captain allow peace negotiations on board the British vessel. Patrick and Beth learn about sacrificial living when they observe Calvert's determination to live on Fiji despite the dangers and impoverished conditions and that he is willing to risk his life to live as Jesus would.


    Escape to the Hiding Place

    Patrick and Beth arrive in World War II Holland in the farm country. They must smuggle a baby (by bicycle) into the capable hands of Corrie ten Boom at her home in Haarlem. Along the way they hide from Nazi soldiers, meet a Russian surgeon forced into service by the Germans, and encourage two Jewish children who haven't been outside in over three years.

    The children learn to appreciate the bravery and sacrifice of everyday people who helped the Jews.


    Challenge on the Hill of Fire

    Kidnapped by Celtic Druids in 433, Patrick and Beth are headed to certain death when followers of a former Irish Slave (Saint Patrick, called Patritius in this book) save them. The cousins find themselves in the midst of a power struggle between Ireland's King Logaire, Patritius, and the leader of the Druids, Lochru. A spiritual showdown begins on the Hill of Slane when Patritius builds a fire, challenging the King's authority. Will Patritius prove to the king that the God of the Bible is the true God? Or will the king take sides with the Druids?

    Hunt for the Devil's Dragon

    If you're brave, follow cousins Beth and Patrick to Libya in the 13th century. The town of Silene is being terrorized by a vicious animal that is eating livestock. The townspeople believe it's a dragon sent by the devil. In order to appease the beast, the people believe they must offer a human sacrifice—a young girl named Sabra. When Beth tries to help Sabra escape, she too is tied up as an offering for the dragon. Meanwhile, Patrick and a new friend named Hazi join Georgius, a Roman knight who is serving in Africa to keep peace. Georgius decides to find the dragon and kill it. Georgius's plans go awry when Beth and Sabra beg him not to kill the dragon.

    Danger on a Silent Night

    Join cousins Patrick and Beth as they travel in the Imagination Station to see the first Christmas. But things don't go the way they expect. Instead of meeting angels and shepherds, they meet with trouble. Patrick winds up in the desert with a caravan of astronomers headed for Jerusalem. Beth lands in the palace of King Herod the Great, where she discovers an evil plot: Herod plans to find and kill any would-be-king—no matter how small.

    The Redcoats Are Coming!

    The Redcoats Are Coming follows Patrick and Beth as they assist the revolutionaries by waking up the sleeping citizens of 1775 Concord before the Redcoats come. In this adventure, the cousins meet Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock. They help smuggle musket balls, sound the alarm that the Redcoats are coming, and deliver a secret message to Paul Revere. Along the way they learn that most of the revolutionaries leaned on God's direction and even pastors helped in the cause.

    Captured on the High Seas

    Join Patrick and Beth in a seafaring adventure set in 1781. The cousins accidentally land on an American ship and are befriended by 15-year-old freedom-fighter James Forten. After a battle at sea, the ship is captured and the sailors fall into the hands of their British enemies. Things then go from bad to worse. Beth gets in trouble with the cook. Patrick is caught up in a sword fight. And James might be sold to a ruthless slave trader.

    Surprise at Yorktown

    Travel two centuries back in time to the final battle of the American Revolution at Yorktown, Virginia. Cousins Patrick and Beth sneak through trenches and race across battlefields to warn General George Washington about a dangerous spy. The spy is stealing his secret plans and giving them to the British. Cannons roar and the ground shakes as the struggle reaches a climax. Washington's ragtag soldiers are up against the most powerful army in the world. Will Patrick and Beth witness the American Revolution come to an end? Or will they be caught in a dangerous trap they can't escape?

    Doomsday in Pompeii

    After lightning strikes Whit's End, Patrick's trip in the Imagination Station goes haywire. At the workshop, Eugene Meltsner and Beth work to fix the machine. They discover that Patrick has landed in the wrong place at definitely the wrong time. He has only hours to get away before Mount Vesuvius erupts. Meanwhile, Patrick befriends a preacher named Valen. Together they try to help the local people escape certain death. But a troublesome teen wants to keep Patrick in the city at any cost.

    In Fear of the Spear

    Join cousins Patrick and Beth in the exotic rain forest—that is, if you dare. Beth lands alone in the jungle where crocodiles creep and jaguars leap. An American botanist, Dr. Silva, helps her escape from the "savages" who capture them. Meanwhile, Patrick and Eugene try to uncover the mysteries of the car-like Imagination Station: How does it work? Why did Whit abandon it? Will it take them to find Beth? The cousins eventually join forces with missionary Rachel Saint and her nephew Steve. Together they help Gaba, a peaceful man who was speared by an angry enemy.

    Trouble on the Orphan Train

    In Trouble on the Orphan Train, cousins Patrick and Beth arrive on the orphan train, heading west. They befriend an orphan who is falsely accused of being part of a train robbery. No one will adopt the child. Patrick and Beth stay with their new friend until the end of the line. All the while, they search for Eugene, who is missing somewhere in time.

    Light in the Lions' Den

    The male lion roared. Its jaws opened wide enough to swallow Beth's entire head.

    During a lightning storm, the Imagination Station lands Patrick and Beth in the desert in the ancient Middle East. Soldiers escort them to the famed city of Babylon. In the royal court there, Patrick meets King Darius and his wise adviser, Daniel.

    But Beth must run for her life after insulting a powerful priestess and two scheming advisers. She seeks safety in the palace only to find Patrick and Daniel are now in danger. Who will save them from the jaws of disaster?

    Inferno in Tokyo

    After tsunami waves sweep over the Imagination Station, it breaks down completely. Patrick and Beth wash up on the shores of Japan on September 1, 1923. The cousins fear if the water doesn't get them, the earthquake will!

    Disaster engulfs the city of Tokyo, leaving families and friends separated and desperate. Thanks to a Japanese celebrity and a performing elephant, the cousins escape the worst of the earthquake and aid an abandoned child. They reach safety at the famous Imperial Hotel and call on all their courage to prevent more damage and help the helpless.

    Madman in Manhattan

    Join Patrick and Beth as they unravel the mysteries of the Imagination Station. The cousins travel to 1923 New York City, the home of Nikola Tesla, a quirky inventor. He has the knowledge to fix the damaged Imagination Station. But can they get his help while keeping the machine's purpose a secret? Or will Tesla figure out how to alter time and change history?

    Meanwhile Patrick discovers an old friend—Eugene Meltsner—who has startling secrets of his own. Find out how a loyal pigeon, a wild helicopter ride, and a mysterious photo all come together to save the future!

    Freedom at the Falls

    Join cousins Patrick and Beth in 1861 as the ride The Lincoln special, a train carrying President-elect Abraham Lincoln to northern New York. Mr. Lincoln is troubled because the Southern states are in an uproar over slavery. But Patrick and Beth care about one slave in particular—a runaway named Sally who is hiding on the train. When a slave catcher finds out about Sally's escape plans, the cousins must help her find a new route to Canada. They become "conductors" on the Underground Railroad. Meanwhile, Mrs. Lincoln and her son Willie join in. But will that be enough to keep Sally away from a slave catcher hot on her trail?

    Terror in the Tunnel

    Book 23 in the highly successful Imagination Station series finds cousins Beth and Patrick nearing Washington, D.C., on the train with Abraham Lincoln, heading to his first inauguration. But a band of assassins plan to meet Lincoln in Baltimore and end his presidency before it starts. Can the cousins help get him through the city safely and on to his big history-making day? Trouble is brewing in Baltimore!

    Rescue on the River

    In Rescue on the River, cousins Patrick and Beth attend Abraham Lincoln's inauguration and discover that their friend's brother Kitch is a slave in South Carolina. The cousins search for Kitch as they travel down the Combahee River with Harriet Tubman. They help with the secret mission of the Second South Carolina Volunteers, an African American unit. Will they be able to find and rescue Kitch?

    Poison at the Pump

    In Poison at the Pump, Patrick and Beth travel back in time in the Imagination Station to London, England, during the cholera epidemic of 1854. The cousins join Dr. John Snow, Florence Nightingale, and Curate Henry Whitehead in a thrilling scientific adventure to discover why this disease was killing people around Broad Street. In their quest for truth, Patrick finds himself a prisoner in a workhouse. Will he escape? Can the cousins help Curate Whitehead put together the clues to keep this deadly disease from spreading?

    Swept Into the Sea

    Patrick and Beth travel back in time in the Imagination Station to a grain ship in the Mediterranean Sea during the first century. A violent storm has been raging for fourteen days, and the ship is in danger of crashing into the African coastline or breaking up due to the crashing waves.

    Refugees on the Run

    The cousins meet Lena, a Jewish girl from Lithuania. Lena and her extended family, who are Jews from Poland, are desperate to escape Lithuania before the Nazis invade. But getting the proper travel documents is next to impossible.

    Islands and Enemies

    “I find you two children guilty of witchcraft!” Captain Magellan said. “The penalty is death.”