Islands and Enemies - Imagination Station #28 Hardcover

Islands and Enemies - Imagination Station #28 Hardcover
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    ISBN: 9781646070145
    Author: Marianne Hering
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: Tyndale
    Series: Imagination Station
    Ages: 7 to 12
    Size: 8 x 5
    Total Pages: 160
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    Over 1 Million Sold in the Series!

    When kids step into the Imagination Station they travel back in time and across the world with cousins Patrick and Beth. Each book is historically accurate, and readers will grow in their faith and knowledge of history as they race through each unforgettable story.

    “I find you two children guilty of witchcraft!” Captain Magellan said. “The penalty is death.”

    Patrick and Beth board the Victoria in 1521 on its journey to try and sail around the world. But they make a bad first impression when they meet Captain Ferdinand Magellan. The cousins are accused of being witches and must prove their innocence. The crew members watch their every move, looking for an excuse to throw the cousins overboard.

    Meanwhile, Patrick finds a friend who has a secret. Beth becomes the new scribe for the voyage, stirring up jealousy from Antonio Pigafetta, one of Magellan’s best friends. After a surprising miracle happens on the island, the crew―and the cousins―must take sides: Who thinks Magellan is unfit to lead? Who is loyal to Magellan and willing to risk their life to prove it?