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I Like to Sing Vocal CD

I Like to Sing Vocal CD
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    ISBN: 9787640108860
    Format: CD
    Publisher: Aurora Production
    Ages: 3 to 7
    Size: 5½ X 4¾
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    The songs on this CD cover topics of self-esteem, peer pressure, mutual respect, global awareness, and lots more. The songs are take from the Treasure Attic videos series.

    Songs include:

    1. Way to Wake Up
    2. The Traveling Song
    3. I Get Along with My Brother
    4. Make Each Step a Loving Step
    5. Vitamin A
    6. Do What We Want To Do
    7. Mama I Remember
    8. Internationally I Love You
    9. Look On the Bright Side
    10. Better Safe than Sorry
    11. I Don't Know
    12. I'm Glad it Rained Today
    13. Construction Crew
    14. The Happiest Oyster
    15. Animal Babies
    16. Boomerang