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History of the World Curriculum Pack of 3

History of the World Curriculum Pack of 3
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    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Master Books
    Series: History of the World
    Ages: 13 to 18
    For Grades: 9 to 12
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    How has Jesus Christ changed the world? The story of history answers the question definitively: in every way imaginable.

    In this World History course, the student will embark on a whirlwind journey through 2,000 years of world history through the lens of Christ’s Great Commission. To gain a biblical perspective on the history of the world, Christians must view the events of history in light of God’s purpose in glorifying His name through the exaltation of His Son.

    Package Includes:

    1. Taking the World for Jesus
    2. Adventures in Missionary Heroism
    3. Teacher Guide