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Ready-to-Read Henry and Mudge Collector Set of 6

Ready-to-Read Henry and Mudge Collector Set of 6
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    Author: Cynthia Rylant
    Format: Paperback Boxed Set
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster
    Series: Henry and Mudge
    Ages: 5 to 8
    Size: 6 X 9¼
    Total Pages: 48
    For Grades: K to 2
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    Beloved favorites Henry and Mudge star in this award-winning series that has brought joy, laughter, and wonder to millions of children worldwide. Join Henry and his big adorable dog, Mudge, in the first six stories of the classic series, all in one beautiful carry-along box. A perfect addition to any young reader's library!

    Inside - Henry and Mudge in the Sparkle Days

    Titles include:

    The First Book

    In this first book in the series, Henry learns he is allowed to get a dog. He searches for just the right dog until he finds Mudge. Mudge is a small puppy but then he grows and grows until he weighs one hundred eighty pounds! And Henry and Mudge become the very best of friends.

    Henry and Mudge in Puddle Trouble

    It's spring! There are flowers to smell, and puddles to splash around in, and newborn kittens to take care of. Come along for three sweet springtime adventures with Henry and his dog, Mudge.

    Henry and Mudge in the Green Time

    Henry and Mudge enjoy a beautiful summer day together. They have a picnic in the park. Henry gives Mudge a bath. Then they have magical adventures on the green hill near their house. It's so much fun, they hope it never ends!

    Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon

    In this book are three great stories about Henry and Mudge's favorite season—fall! Follow them as they jump in the leaves, listen to ghost stories, and discover what they have been thankful for this year.

    Henry and Mudge in the Sparkle Days

    Henry and Mudge love winter. They play in the snow, eat yummy holiday dinners, and sit by the warm fire. Come along and enjoy the sparkle days with these two best friends.

    Henry and Mudge and the Forever Sea

    Henry is taking Mudge to the beach for the first time! They play in the ocean and eat hot dogs. Then Henry builds a sand castle, and Mudge chases a crab. It is the best beach day ever!