Grandpa Jake's Dino Tales Set of 2 DVDs

Grandpa Jake's Dino Tales Set of 2 DVDs
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    Format: DVD
    Publisher: Aurora Production
    Series: Grandpa Jake's
    Ages: 5 and Up
    Size: 5½ X 7½
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    In three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese!

    The popular Grandpa Jake's Storybook series moves from the printed page to live-action, in this animated series.

    In the Dino Tales collection, a group of endearing dinosaur friends experience adventure and opportunities to learn important lessons. Children will love the way important values are taught in a fun and entertaining way.

    Listen to these three 11-minute episodes in either English, Spanish, or Portugese:

    Grandpa Jake's Dino Tales DVD #1

    Operation Oops!: When Crispin accidentally ruins his sister Dixie's garden, they and their friends work together to repair what's been damaged.

    My, Oh My, Crispin!: Crispin dreams of winning the wagon offered as a school prize but has a few things to learn first about keeping clean and being responsible.

    Bedtime Blues: Wesley's bedtime blues turn into a misadventure, but one with lessons worth having learned.

    Grandpa Jake's Dino Tales DVD #2

    Suds, Soap, and Shells: Suds and Dixie slip into some tit-for-tat, but soon find it doesn't pay. They apologize, make up, and restore their friendship.

    Manners Castle: A surprise invitation presents Suds with the challenge of brushing up on manners fit for a banquet.

    The Christmas Chest: Once a year, the family Christmas chest comes out! At first the Dino friends vie for choice items, but they learn to give and take and have a great time getting ready for Christmas!