The Gospel According to Matthew DVD

The Gospel According to Matthew DVD
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    ISBN: 9781450700542
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    The vision was as landmark as it was profound: make a Jesus film that is 100% Scripture—Word for Word, verse by verse, The Gospel According to Matthew. Believing that no script-writer could approach the power of the Spirit-inspired Word of God, Christian director, Regardt van den Bergh (Faith Like Potatoes), took his crew on location to Morocco and South Africa with the Gospel as his screenplay. Casting then unknown actor, Bruce Marchiano, in the role of Jesus, what emerged was a tradition-shattering presentation of Jesus as a Man of joy (Hebrews 1:9) and depth of love that remains unequaled. What emerged was the picture of a Man on His knees in the sand, crying out to His Father, reaching His hand into broken lives; the God-Man, who restrained all power and allowed His blood to spill on the ground... for you. Come experience Jesus afresh, and His love like never before. His love... for you.

    DVD Features:

    • Languages (English and Spanish)
    • Search by Event (99 events)
    • Search by Chapter
    • Biographies
    • Music Soundtrack