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Fresh Out of Amazing

Fresh Out of Amazing
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    Author: Stacey Thacker
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Harvest House
    Size: 5½ X 8
    Total Pages: 216
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    What do you do when everyone expects you to be amazing…and you’ve got nothing left to give? It’s an issue all busy women share—that pressure to always be a go-getter when sometimes all you want to do is get going (and stay gone for a long time).

    Join author and speaker Stacey Thacker as she walks you through God’s mercies and shows you how to…

    • identify what’s dragging you down so you can find the specific encouragement you need
    • increase your trust in Jesus by learning practical ways to rest when you’re depleted
    • accept the invitation to see God big when you’re fresh out of amazing

    Whether you’re short on time, energy, motivation, hope, or all of the above, only one thing can bring your weary spirit back to life: Jesus.