Freedom Seekers - Set of 6

Freedom Seekers - Set of 6
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    Author: Lois Walfrid Johnson
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: River North
    Series: Freedom Seekers
    Ages: 10 and Up
    Size: 5¼ X 7¾
    Accelerated Reader: Yes
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    From the golden age of steamboats, the rush of immigrants to new lands, and the dangers of the Underground Railroad, come true-to-life stories of courage, integrity, and suspense in the Freedom Seekers series.

    In 1857, when rivers were the highways of the time, Libby, her father Captain Norstad, Caleb, Jordan, and their friends faced life-and-death questions still crucial today:

    • Who can I trust?
    • What do I really care about?
    • What does it mean to be a never-give-up family?
    • How can I live my belief in the freedoms sought in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights?
    • What practical skills do I need develop?
    • How can I make choices based on biblical principles?

    The Freedom Seekers series weaves together fictional characters with carefully researched people who lived or were known in 1857. Each novel stands alone but is best read in sequence to see the growth of characters and relationships.

    Titles include:

    Please note: This series was previously released as The Riverboat Adventures.

    Escape into the Night

    Libby Norstad's life has changed to anything but ordinary. In 1857, when she comes to live on the Christina, her father's steamboat, Libby's curiosity ensnares her in a mystery. What is the closely held secret of Caleb, the cabin boy who seems determined to make her life miserable? And how can Jordan, a fugitive slave, possibly reach safety and freedom?

    Race for Freedom

    A shadowy figure lurks on the dark riverfront near the Christina. Libby is sure that it must be the cruel slave trader Riggs, who has vowed that no slave of his will ever escape alive. Does Riggs suspect that the runaway Jordan is hiding on her pa's steamboat? Track Libby, Caleb, and Jordan in the second book of the Freedom Seekers series as they race to keep Jordan free from the clutches of slavery.

    Midnight Rescue

    The Christina steams south while Caleb and Jordan finalize their plans. But someone overhears Libby talking about the scheme—will they tell the authorities that Jordan is a runaway slave? Sick at heart, Libby knows she has let down her friends. She risked Jordan's freedom, and she endangered the operation to rescue his family. Will Caleb and Jordan trust her to help in the Underground Railroad? Everything seems to be going against the rescue. Will they find a way to salvage the life-and-death mission?

    The Swindler's Treasure

    "Sometimes there's a cost for doing the right thing." Captain Norstad stated. Will he and the other Freedom Seekers recover the stolen money before a double payment is due? They learn that Micah Parker has escaped and is running for the Mississippi River. The Freedom Seekers leave the Christiana and take up the search. Requesting the help of the Underground Railroad, will they find Micah before the slave catchers? When God's law and Man's law conflict, which will they choose to follow?

    Mysterious Signal

    Jordan makes plans to travel to Chicago and turn over the gift to help fugitive slaves. But then a dangerous man escapes—if he recognizes Libby, Jordan, and Peter, they will be in danger. When a disguise for Libby seems the only answer, it will require a sacrifice she isn't sure she's willing to make. Will a life-threatening steamboat accident and Libby's new willingness to forgive bring the breakthrough she needs?

    The Fiddler's Secret

    In the dark of night come the rapid strokes of the ship's bell, dense fog, and the slap of paddlewheels against water—and then the whistle screams a warning. A steamboat's coming too fast, too close. Run! Out of the darkness and danger come the piercing notes of a gifted fiddler. His face seems to hold a secret. What is the fiddler's challenge for the Freedom Seekers of every place and time? How will the Freedom Seekers answer Captain Norstad's questions: "What is most important to you? What do you really want?"