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Forged on Freedom: The Making of America - Set of 4

Forged on Freedom: The Making of America  - Set of 4
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    Series: Forged on Freedom
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    From the basic belief that men should live free of tyranny arose a new nation, but it took specific action by the people of the British colonies to create it. Learn about the exact events that led to the birth of America, and about the people who shaped it into the country we know today, one built by the will of its people and forged on freedom.

    Inside: The Revolutionary War: The War for Freedom

    Titles include:

    The Amendments to the Constitution

    Reading the 27 amendments built into America's constitution may not seem exciting at first. Look beyond the old-fashioned phrasing and the government terms, however, and you will find remarkable details. You will meet political leaders and representatives struggling to make the wisest choices, American citizens fighting for basic rights, and a country that is constantly adjusting to the changes it faces with every passing year. The story behind each amendment is important to understand—and fascinating to learn.

    The Constitution: Defender of Freedom

    After the Revolutionary War established the independent United States of America, a different kind of revolution took place. Between Shays' Rebellion and the final flourish of a quill pen on the Constitution, the country's greatest leaders faced a challenge that would either keep the states together or tear them apart. From the roads of Boston to Independence Hall in Philadelphia, delegates battled out the particulars of how the new country would be governed. In this inspiring story of leadership, discover how diplomacy and compromise created a document that would defend the nation's freedom at once and for the future.

    The Revolutionary War: The War for Freedom

    The British Army, the best in the world, expected to easily win the war against the American colonies. It was a war that should have been a short footnote in the history of the British Empire. The Continental Army—made up of farmers, merchants, and craftsmen—scarcely fought with gunpowder, let alone guns. They could not possibly succeed in their quest to form a new nation.

    On the way to victory, the British met American Commander-in-Chief George Washington, a man with an indomitable will. He led an army that refused to lose, no matter how great the odds or how many times it was discounted. In the end, it was the British who were desperate for peace.

    This is the story of the Revolutionary War and how it produced a country forged on freedom.

    Roots of the Revolution

    Most people have heard Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's famous poem, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. Many also know that this famous ride took place the night before the American Revolution began. But do you know about the events that led up to this important war in our nation's history? The British colonies fought for their independence from England for a number of reasons—including taxation without representation in England's Parliament. Within this book, you will learn exactly what drove the colonists to wage war against their mother country—and also what helped them gain important advantages even before war broke out.