Extreme! Fact Finders Set of 10

Extreme! Fact Finders Set of 10
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    ISBN: 9781429646123
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Capstone Press
    Series: Extreme! Fact Finders
    Ages: 9 to 14
    Size: 7½ X 8¼
    Total Pages: 32
    For Grades: 3 to 6
    Accelerated Reader: Yes
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    Have you ever wondered how lie detectors work or why penguins don't get frostbite? From the terrifying beginnings of tornadoes to the reliable navigation system of pirates, this set gets to the bottom of how these fascinating things work.

    — Inside Extreme! Fact Finders

    Titles include:

    Amazing Tricks of Real Spies

    Death Zone!

    Defying Gravity


    Fingerprint Wizards

    Gravity-Defying Stunt Spectaculars

    Lights Out!

    The Most Amazing Weapons of War

    Pirate Secrets Revealed