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Exciting Events #8 CD - From Slave to Hero and Others

Exciting Events #8 CD - From Slave to Hero and Others
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    ISBN: 9781600791833
    Format: CDs
    Publisher: Your Story Hour
    Series: Exciting Events
    Ages: 3 to 93
    Size: 7 X 6½
    Running Time (Minutes): 3 hours
    Accelerated Reader: No
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    Your Story Hour proudly presents this set of dramatized  stories in our "Exciting Events" series that the whole family can enjoy!

    Listen as Robert Smalls, born a slave, becomes a boat pilot on the South Carolina waterfront during the Civil War era.  In a daring act, he commandeers a valuable Confederate steamboat and makes a run for freedom!

    Follow the story of Evelyn Brand, an attractive young women in London's Victorian era who went on to spend sixty-five years of her life in service to the people of India as the beloved missionary "Granny Brand."

    Hear how Phillis Wheatley was sold as a little girl in a slave auction, yet became a celebrated poet and honored by George Washington!

    Discover these and other exciting events:
    1. From Slave to Hero - Robert Smalls
    2. A Girl Called Phillis
    3. Out of the Jungle
    4. The Man Who Loved Cannibals
    5. Louis Braille's Magic Dots
    6. Granny Brand and the Mountains of Death
    Contains 3 CDs and runs approximately 3 hours.