Exciting Events #4 CD - Kidnapped Sailor

Exciting Events #4 CD - Kidnapped Sailor
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    ISBN: 9781600791710
    Format: CDs
    Publisher: Your Story Hour
    Series: Exciting Events
    Ages: 3 to 93
    Size: 7 X 6½
    Running Time (Minutes): 3 hours
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    Educational! Entertaining! Exciting!

    This album includes three stories on Joseph Bates and his life on the high seas, two stories on Ida Scudder a physician/missionary to India, and one story on the Count of Zinzendorf.  These stories are sure to inspire the whole family.


    CD No.
    Story 1
    Story 2
    1 The Kidnapped Sailor: Joseph Bates Part 1 - Joseph is kidnapped and forced into service in the British navy, finally returning home safely to his praying father. The Endless Storm: Joseph Bates Part 2 - Joseph marries and goes to sea, only to be nearly lost when a series of tremendous storms threaten death at every turn—once again prayer saves his life.
    2 Captain Bates Surrenders: Joseph Bates Part 3 - After miraculously surviving a number of near-death experiences on land and sea alike, and realizing that God has preserved his life, Joseph surrenders to God and becomes a Christian. The Count of Zinzendorf - From early childhood, the Count has a close relationship with God, and throughout his life he follows God's leading.
    3 Never, Never, Never!: Ida Scudder Part 1 - Ida, the daughter of missionary parents serving in India, detests the country and vows to never serve there herself. Never Say Never!: Ida Scudder Part 2 - Ida learns that as a woman doctor she can help the women of India, and she cannot resist the call of God to serve there.

    Each of these 3 CDs has an approximate running time of 1 hour. The album has an approximate running time of 3 hours.