Exciting Events #3 - Your Story Hour CD

Exciting Events #3 - Your Story Hour CD
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    ISBN: 9781600791697
    Format: CDs
    Publisher: Your Story Hour
    Series: Exciting Events
    Ages: 3 to 93
    Size: 7 X 6½
    Running Time (Minutes): 3 hours
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    Educational! Entertaining! Exciting!

    Your Story Hour proudly presents this second set of exciting, dramatized stories in our new Exciting Events series.

    Follow the mid 1800's adventures of the Allen Family (parents Joshua and Sarah, big brother Abel, sisters Marijane and Abby, little sister Faith, and Grandpa Allen) as they join a wagon train headed west on the epic Oregon Trail. Traveling over 2,000 miles in their oxen-driven "Prairie Schooners" (smaller, sturdy covered wagons) through hazardous river crossings, treacherous weather, mountain passes, tragedy, disease, and devastating dust storms, the Allens symbolize the determination and trials of a typical family who braved the Oregon trek. Life lessons and historical details are woven into the narrative of everyday events on the trail in this five-part adventure.

    Also featured is the heroic story of courageous 1960s civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer, who through non-violence and determination, fought racial segregation while helping African Americans register to vote. Character-building listening for the whole family!


    CD No.
    Story 1
    Story 2
    1 The Big Decision: Part 1 of the Oregon Trail - The Allen family decides to make a new beginning by leaving their home in Michigan to join the great westward movement. Wagons Ho!: Part 2 of the Oregon Trail - The Allen family arrives in Independence, MO. They join a wagon-train party, buy more supplies, and are ready to head out when the wagon master calls out, "Wagons Ho!"
    2 Trouble on the Prairie: Part 3 of the Oregon Trail - The westward journey begins with great anticipation, but soon the Allen family encounters all the challenges facing the brave pioneers who traveled the Oregon Trail—storms, flooded rivers, accidents, sickness and more. Up and Over: Part 4 of the Oregon Trail - The Allen family's wagon train passes by many waymarkers, makes it through the Rocky Mountain pass and faces difficult times as the journey's challenges multiply.
    3 Home at Last: Part 5 of the Oregon Trail - Exhausted oxen and a difficult trail force them to leave precious items behind, but the Allen family and their fellow travelers make it through the Blue Mountains and are finally able to celebrate as they arrive at their destination. Fanny Lou Hamer: Freedom Fighter - The inspirational story of a little girls who began life in the cotton fields as the daughter of a share-cropper, but who rose to become one of the best-known and most-beloved figures in the Civil Rights Movement.

    Each of these 3 CDs has an approximate running time of 1 hour. The album has an approximate running time of 3 hours.