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Easy Readers - 8 Volumes

Easy Readers - 8 Volumes
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    Author: Various
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: European Schoolbooks Publishing LTD
    Series: Easy Readers
    Ages: 7 to 11
    Size: 4½ X 7½
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    Classic stories are reprinted here with abridged text and simplified language based on vocabularies of 650 to 2500 words. Each book features ink drawings and definitions for complicated or old-fashioned words.

    Inside- Rip Van Winkle

    Each book includes:

    • Color Photographs
    • Glossary
    • Index

    Titles include:

    The Bottle Imp

    Five on a Treasure Island

    The Happy Prince

    Sir Walter Scott: Ivanhoe

    The Red Circle

    Rip Van Winkle

    George Eliot: Silas Marner

    The Speckled Band