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Earth's Most Extreme Places - Set of 2

Earth's Most Extreme Places - Set of 2
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    ISBN: 9781482419030
    Author: Sebastian Witiw and Bailey O'Connell
    Format: Reinforced Hardcover
    Publisher: Gareth Stevens
    Series: Earth's Most Extreme Places
    Ages: 6 to 11
    Size: 8¾ X 8¾
    Total Pages: 24
    For Grades: 2 to 5
    Accelerated Reader: No
    List Price: $45.20
    Publisher's School and Library Price: $33.90
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    Savings: $23.73 (70%)

    Some locations on Earth seem almost alien because their climate and environment are so different from the places we live. This globetrotting series transports readers to fascinating locales around the world. Not only will readers learn what makes these places extraordinary, they'll also learn the extraordinary lengths that people go to explore and sometimes live there. Science concepts, geography skills, and social studies topics combine to make each volume a valuable addition to any collection.

    • "That's Extreme!" text boxes offer astonishing facts about locations
    • Graphic organizers demonstrate organizational skills
    • Understanding of maps and photographs within an informational text is a requirement of the Common Core standards
    • Domain-specific vocabulary words are used in a scientific context to help students understand their meaning and accelerate comprehension


    • Glossary
    • Full-color photographs
    • For Further Information Section
    • Index
    • Maps
    • Fact Boxes
    • Graphic Organizers

    Titles include:

    Earth's Hottest Places


    Earth's Rainiest Places