Drive Thru History - America DVD Special Edition

Drive Thru History - America DVD Special Edition
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    ISBN: 9786499069940
    Author: Dave Stotts
    Format: DVD
    Publisher: ColdWater Media, Inc.
    Series: Drive Thru History America
    Ages: 10 and Up
    Size: 5¾ X 7¾
    Running Time (Minutes): 5.5 hours
    For Grades: 4 and Up
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    From the award-winning history series, Drive Thru History®, and your highly entertaining host, Dave Stotts, comes our all new “American: Columbus to the Constitution (Special Edition)” series. This twelve-part series boasts the best in cutting-edge video production and animation to personally take you on a trek through America’s extraordinary story.

    Special Edition packaging comes with an all-new 84-page study guide and all-new 18" x 24" foldable map of Colonial America.

    In this series, you'll explore the founding of America, witness the places where our founding fathers risked their very lives to sculpt this great nation, and experience the revolutionary events that consequently unfolded. Whether it's camping out in Times Square or crossing the Delaware just barely afloat in an Amphicar, Dave will take you on a journey from past to present—with his classic flare for humor in tow—to bring this chapter of history to life.

    To kick off your adventure, join Dave as he drives through Italy, Spain, England, and Holland on a mission to track down the chronicles of Christopher Columbus and America's Pilgrims.

    Then, voyage to Boston, Lexington, and Concord to uncover the riveting events that ignited the Revolutionary War, and the rich history of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. Who will you and Dave meet along your journey?

    In Episodes 3-6, you'll cross paths with John Adams, Paul Revere, Betsy Ross, colonial soldiers who braved the battle of Bunker Hill, and the daring souls who signed their names to the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution—and you'll take a detour to the Liberty Bell and the Boston Freedom Trail.

    In Episodes 7-9, you'll take a seat in the home of Polish Patriot Thaddeus, to discuss the dawn of the revolution. You'll find yourself caught in the crossfire of British and American militia in the Battle of Germantown, the military camp of Valley Forge, and the infamous Fort Miffin. As the war wanes and ultimately surrenders independence to a new nation, you and Dave will tour the beautiful countryside of Virginia—from Jamestown, to Williamsburg, to the site of the Siege of Yorktown—and swing by the homes of none other than Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and James Madison.

    In Episodes 10-12, you and Dave will then dive into an exploration how the Revolutionary War began to change the world: you'll drive through New York and New Jersey to witness the battle of Long Island's "Freedom Trail," see the Revolutionary War POW monument, explore St. Paul's Chapel, walk along the site of George Washington's inauguration, and much more. Your jam-packed adventure also includes bonus stories on Saratoga, West Point, and the battles of Trenton, Princeton, Morristown, and Monmouth. As always, along your journey, Dave will bring to light the undercurrent of Christian influences that have chiseled history.

    As an exciting piece of your trek through time, our team has redesigned our packaging for our "America: Columbus to the Constitution" series. This product now comes with a study guide full of art, photographs, historic tales, a personal note from Dave, and the map of colonial America that Dave uses to guide you through your journey.

    DVDs include subtitles.

    Are you ready to jump into the adventure? Here's your "trail map," to begin:

    American History Discussion Guides & Answer Keys

    DTHA Discussion Guides

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    What's Inside:

    Episode List – 12 episodes on 2 DVDs

    America: Columbus to the Constitution

    DVD 1

    Episode 1: The Discovery
    Episode 2: Pilgrims Search for Freedom
    Episode 3: Beginnings of Revolution
    Episode 4: Whitefield & Boston's Freedom Trail
    Episode 5: William Penn & Early Philadelphia
    Episode 6: Founding Fathers of Philadelphia

    DVD 2

    Episode 7: Fighters of the Revolution
    Episode 8: Early Colonial Virginia
    Episode 9: Founding Fathers of Virginia
    Episode 10: Revolution in New York
    Episode 11: New York and the First President
    Episode 12: New Jersey and Epilogue