The Rise of the Wyrm Lord - The Door Within Trilogy #2 Paperback

The Rise of the Wyrm Lord - The Door Within Trilogy #2 Paperback
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    ISBN: 9781400322657
    Author: Wayne Thomas Batson
    Format: Accelerated Readers/PB
    Publisher: Tommy Nelson
    Series: The Door Within Trilogy Paperback
    Ages: Teen
    Size: 5½ X 8½
    Total Pages: 372
    Accelerated Reader: Yes
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    Now includes THE LOST CHAPTERS, four previously unpublished chapters with author commentary and editor notes!

    Separated from his friend by a thousand miles and unable to return to The Realm of Glimpses himself, Aidan Thomas needs a way to reach Robby with the message of King Eliam, the one true King.

    Enter Antoinette Lynn Reed, a bright but headstrong young lady who believes in the Scrolls of Alleble and has a passion for full-contact Kendo. When Aidan discovers that Antoinette has been called to enter The Realm, he solicits her help to find Robby's Glimpse before it is too late.

    When she arrives in Alleble, Antoinette finds the kingdom is in turmoil. Alleble's allies are inexplicably beginning to turn away, renouncing former ties with King Eliam. And there are rumors that the dark Prince of Paragory is seeking an ancient evil to crush Alleble once and for all.

    Can Antoinette and a team of Alleble's finest knights learn the secret of Paragory's growing power? And will they be able to stop the Rise of the Wyrm Lord?