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The Door Within Trilogy Set of 3 Paperback

The Door Within Trilogy Set of 3 Paperback
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    Author: Wayne Thomas Batson
    Format: Accelerated Readers/PB
    Publisher: Tommy Nelson
    Series: The Door Within Trilogy Paperback
    Ages: Teen
    Size: 5½ X 8½
    Accelerated Reader: Yes
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    Now includes THE LOST CHAPTERS, four previously unpublished chapters with author commentary and editor notes!

    Aidan Thomas is miserable, that is, until he walks into his grandfather's basement and discovers three ancient scrolls and an invitation to another world. Readers will join Aidan as he is engaged with the struggle between good and evil. With the fate of two worlds hanging in the balance, Aidan faces Paragor, the eternal enemy. Will Aidan risk everything for the one true King?

    Titles include:

    The Door Within

    Aidan Thomas is miserable. And it's much more than the strange nightmares he's been having. Just when life seemed to be coming together for Aidan, his parents suddenly move the family across the country to take care of his wheelchair-bound grandfather. When strange events begin to occur, Aidan is drawn into his grandfather's basement where he discovers three ancient scrolls and an invitation to another world.

    The Rise of the Wyrm Lord

    Separated from his friend by a thousand miles and unable to return to The Realm of Glimpses himself, Aidan Thomas needs a way to reach Robby with the message of King Eliam, the one true King. Enter Antoinette Lynn Reed, a bright but headstrong young lady who believes in the Scrolls of Alleble and has a passion for full-contact Kendo. When Aidan discovers that Antoinette has been called to enter The Realm, he solicits her help to find Robby's Glimpse before it is too late.

    The Final Storm

    Still staggering under Paragor's relentless attacks, Alleble's remaining allies flee from the four corners of The Realm to safety within the Kingdom's walls. But there is little time for Alleble to mourn before Paragor, the Wyrm Lord, and the deadly Seven Sleepers unite against the followers of King Eliam. As Alleble begins to lose hope, Paragor unleashes The Final Storm. Will anyone survive to see the dawn?