D. L. Moody Colportage Library - Set of 15

D. L. Moody Colportage Library - Set of 15
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    Series: D.L. Moody Colportage Library
    Ages: 8 to 12
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    D.L. Moody, a renowned evangelist from the 1800s, created an association of colporteurs (door-to-door salesmen) to distribute quality stories to children all across America and England. These heirloom-quality stories are like opening a window into history. Each story packs a strong impact on the reader while teaching strong moral values of faith and integrity.

    Titles include:

    Alone In London

    Word can save and words can hurt. Alone in London is a story of redemption of relationships.

    Nobody Loves Me

    Old Grumpy—that's what all the children called her. The old lady loved no one and no one loved her. It has been thus since she was a few days old. Always overlooked, overworked and under loved—until one day. It started with a little scrawny black and white kitten. The old heart began to feel again. And then it was an orphan child, just like she had been. When you've lost everything, is it possible to believe in anything good?

    Christie's Old Organ

    The story of how a poor, friendless old man and a young, motherless boy found friendship and Christ.

    A Peep Behind the Scenes

    Living in a carnival would be so exciting. All the bright colors and fun that go with the fair would be pure joy. At least, that's what the local children thought. But they didn't know of Rosalie and her family. Mother was sick and father wouldn't take time to think about his family's needs or wants. Rosalie stays up late working very hard with the acting troupe. Life behind the scenes is anything but exciting. One day, a stranger give Rosalie a picture of a shepherd holding a lamb. The man tells the young girl and her mother about the Good Shepherd, Jesus and how He longs to show His love for them. Would Rosalie believe?

    Teddy's Button

    Teddy's Button tells the story of a little boy who wants to be a soldier like his father. Teddy's most prized possession, a button from his father's uniform, and the tale that goes with it, is all he has besides his sweet mother and stern grandmother. His pride and inclination for mischief create a conflict when he is introduced to the Captain of our souls. You will be inspired and challenged to be the soldier we all need to be.

    Little Faith: The Child of the Toy Stall

    Little Faith is the story of a young orphan girl taken in by a Christian family. When Faith's adoptive mother dies, a grandmother moves in to help the poor, grief-stricken father care for his children. However, the grandmother is cruel and repeatedly tries to send Faith away, claiming that she does not deserve the little bit of food that the father is able to provide for the family.

    Winter's Folly

    Mr. Winter has built a cold little stone house on the bluff. There's no protection from the storms. It is barren and forlorn—just like Mr. Winter's Heart. Twins, Myrtle and Ivy, have seen the sadness in their new neighbor. Mother has taught them it is not enough to pity someone who is hurting. Compassion is action. The girls start in little ways to show Jesus' love.

    Aurie's Wooden Leg

    A story about faith and Christian love, Aurie's Wooden Leg tells about Tony and Valerie Johnson and their hard life with the Davis family. The adopted twins are unloved and unwanted—but not by Jesus. A fire, an orphanage, a flight up the Peace River, a dangerous criminal, a thrilling manhunt—all these are part of their story.

    Legend Led

    Victory Thurston, dubbed The Ogre, was the three little children's older-much older half brother. He was all the family had now. And they were going to live with him in a big old house—The Ogre's Castle!

    Probable Sons

    Probable Sons is a delightful story of forgiveness and reconciliation. An orphaned child, Milly goes to live with her uncle who dislikes children, and considers little girls even more bothersome.

    Jessica's First Prayer / Jessica's Mother

    Jessica's First Prayer is about a poor street girl in nineteenth-century London who is befriended by Mr. Daniel, the owner of a coffee stall. Eventually, Daniel agrees to provide her breakfast once a week and, without meaning to, introduces her to God and prayer. Then, thanks to Jessica, the coffee-stall keeper makes some meaningful discoveries about God, prayer, and himself as well.

    Jessica's Mother is the dramatic sequel, reminding the reader of God's grace and faithfulness, as Jessica's story continues to unfold.

    Anita and the Driftwood House

    Ten-year-old Anita and her parents are going to Grandma and Grandpa Thortons so Daddy can rest and regain his health—maybe even get that book started. The family is going to live in the old shack out by the orchard. However, when Anita befriends as old "wanderer", everything changes. Anita inherits a house made of driftwood on MacAllister Island;: she gains a brother; and she uses her talent for poetry to inadvertently cause trouble.

    No Place Like Home

    A story of perseverance and forgiveness, No Place Like Home allows a glimpse into the lives of one of the many poverty-stricken families in England during the last century. The mother's faith in the Lord Jesus, despite poverty and hardship, is evidenced in the comfort she receives and by her son as he experiences and responds to his own deep trial.

    Whiter Than Snow / Little Dot

    Whiter Than Snow is a tender story about a lonely little girl who ponders the meaning of the words she heard a long time ago: "whiter than snow." She is befriended by another young girl who begins to teach her about Jesus.

    Little Dot is about a small girl who lives near a cemetery where she befriends the elderly grave digger who works there. One day, Little Dot observes the funeral of a small girl about her age. She wonders what happened to her and where she went after she died.

    The Story of Mary Jones and Her Bible

    This is the heartwarming, real life story of a little girl whose strongest desire in life was to possess her very own Bible. Through hard work, determination, prayer, faith, and even a 50-mile barefoot walk, Mary Jones, a young girl living in rural Wales in the late 1700s, did whatever it took to obtain a copy of the Word of God.