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Disgusting Animal Dinners - Set of 3

Disgusting Animal Dinners - Set of 3
    Accelerated Reader
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    Author: Miriam Coleman
    Format: Reinforced Hardcover
    Publisher: Rosen
    Series: Disgusting Animal Dinners
    Ages: 5 to 8
    Size: 9¼ X 9¼
    Total Pages: 24
    For Grades: K to 3
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    You have heard the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." The same can be said for what makes some animals' favorite meals. On the menu for this evening, include some disgusting and fascinating foods, such as vomit, dead bodies, and tears. Isn't nature the coolest? Readers will be pleasantly grossed out as they read about the habits and habitats of a diverse group of animals, and of some gourmet meals served up as only Mother Nature can. This fun set pairs well with any science curriculum.

    Titles include:

    Moths Drink Tear!

    Skua Seabirds Eat Vomit!

    Vultures Eat Rotting Corpses!