Disconnected: Connecting with Teens in the Digital Age - DVD

Disconnected: Connecting with Teens in the Digital Age - DVD
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    ISBN: 9787173364580
    Format: DVD
    Publisher: Day of Discovery
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    They've never known a time without the Internet and access to a variety of mobile devices and social media outlets. So why do today's virtually connected teens feel so disconnected in their real-life relationships? How can adults and teens build the kind of authentic relationship that so many of them long for and just can't seem to find?

    In Disconnected, three foremost youth leaders and a psychiatrist talk about the challenges of making the adult-teen connection from both sides of the table. Drawing from their research and sharing wisdom from the Word, they offer insights to help you cultivate a high-impact, life-giving connection with the teens you parent, teach, or mentor.

    Even in today's plugged-in but disconnected generation, teens still want to know that adults believe in them, so they can believe in themselves. This thought-provoking and engaging presentation helps you do just that, as it examines the affirmation, encouragement, compassion, guidance, and heartfelt relationships teens so desperately want and need.