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The Daystar Voyages - Pack of 6

The Daystar Voyages - Pack of 6
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    Author: Gilbert Morris and Dan Meeks
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Moody
    Series: Daystar Voyages
    Ages: 12 to 16
    Size: 5½ X 8½
    Accelerated Reader: Yes
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    This series is like a character-building version of Star-Wars.® Join the Daystar crew as they traverse the wide expanse of space and learn that God is Master of the Universe.

    Titles include:

    Wizards of the Galaxy

    Sir Richard Irons is about to become the most powerful man in the galaxy. With the help of his wizards who rule the planet Merlina, fulfilling this dark dream is just a matter of time.


    Six Junior Space Rangers think they can crush their enemy with human force. However, they wake up to the truth that their battle is a spiritual one and that their only source of spiritual strength, their only hope, is God Himself. Only then can the inhabitants of Merlina be free from the dark wizards who plan to expand their gloomy rule to other planets. Evil or good? Which will rule the galaxy? The answer rests with six young people, who can only cry for help. You'll know why as you read about their incredible journey.

    Invasion of the Killer Locusts

    Something is attacking the planet Capella, but what? Intergalactic Command can't figure it out. So guess who gets sent off into space to find out what is going on? Captain Edge and the Daystar Space rangers, that's who. And the crew is hardly on the planet before they walk into trouble. So get your space gear ready. Join Dai Bando and friends as they set out to rescue the Capella royal family and do battle with some of the most terrifying creatures in the cosmos. And along the way, watch the crew discover that God is never too late with His rescue operations.

    Dangers of the Rainbow Nebula

    It's full speed ahead for the Daystar Space Rangers. This time they're looking for a spaceship that has strayed too close to the mysterious Rainbow Nebula. People say strange things happen when travelers get close to that nebula. People say ships get sucked into its black hole and are never seen again. If what people say is true, Jerusha and Ringo and company are headed for giant-sized trouble. But that's not all. Heck Jordan has his latest invention secretly hooked up to the Daystar's power supply. Will Captain Edge's ship have the power he needs when he needs it?

    The Frozen Space Pilot

    Problems. Problems. Problems.

    Problem 1: Mei-Lani Lao. She's in sick bay with some strange illness. Dr. Cole can't even diagnose it, much less promise that Mei-Lani will ever get well.

    Problem 2: The escape capsule Captain Edge finds floating in space. The Space Rangers rescue the deep-frozen astronaut, but nobody knows how to safely unthaw anyone who is in cryogenic sleep.

    Problem 3: Sir Richard Irons again. His spaceship is in hiding, ready to pounce on the Daystar.

    Problem 4: Heck Jordan. Enough said.

    Read about the Daystar gang and their newest troubles. Let their adventures remind you that people can invent some wonderful things, but only the God of heaven can create people.

    The White Dragon of SharNu

    The Daystar Space Rangers are on the planet SharNu to attend the crown prince's coronation. But right away some stranger and puzzling things start to happen. Regent Lansur, for example, is trouble right from the start. Does he really want to do away with the young prince? Captain Edge tells the Rangers to guard the boy. Then the Regent throws Daystar's navigator into the castle dungeon. Who is that mysterious man she meets there? On top of all that, what's this about a dangerous white dragon that flies around in space? Join in the excitement as Ringo and Raina and their Daystar friends walk into danger to find the answers.

    Attack of the Denebian Starship

    The Daystar Space Rangers are in a bind. Their nice Captain Edge is assigned to another spaceship. So what kind of new captain do they get? You guessed it. One as different from Captain Edge as day is from night. To start with, she's unfriendly. On top of that, she's downright mean. She spells BIG trouble. That's not all, either. Now a hostile starship has sneaked into Intergalactic Command's space. And who gets sent to check it out? We know, don't we? Then what happens when that enemy ship aims its turbo cannons at Daystar? Climb aboard with Ringo and friends and find out what God can do with big troubles.