Daughters of the Faith - Set of 8

Daughters of the Faith - Set of 8
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    Author: Wendy Lawton
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Moody
    Series: Daughters of Faith
    Ages: 8 to 12
    Size: 5¼ X 7½
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    True stories of young ladies of faith

    Here are touching stories of young ladies from history whose faith in God sustained and led them through life. Learn more about well-known women like Harriet Tubman and Pocahontas as well as lesser known women, such as Anita Dittman who survived Hitler's deadly rampage.

    Titles include:

    Pack #1 Includes:

    The Tinker's Daughter

    John Bunyan, the author of Pilgrim's Progress, mentions only one of his six children in his memoirs: Mary. Born blind in 17th-century England, she held a special place in her father's heart.

    Almost Home

    Mary Chilton was one of 102 passengers who stepped on board the Mayflower in the fall of 1620 for their long-awaited journey to the New World. This odd collection of "saints" and "strangers" sailed bravely together into the unknown.

    Shadow of His Hand

    Anita Dittman dreams of becoming a ballerina. It's not long until the reality of being a Jewish girl in Nazi-ruled Germany dashes those dreams. When her Aryan father abandons his Jewish family, Anita's life becomes the stuff of nightmares. "Don't draw attention to yourself," her mother often whispers. "If they don't notice you, they'll leave you alone." But no one hides from Hitler's fury.

    The Captive Princess

    Pocahontas is a curious girl, exploring every inlet and pool along the Tidewater lands of her people. After encountering the landing of the colorless strangers, she becomes friends with the one named John Smith. She is even willing to risk her life to save his.

    Pack #2 Includes:

    Ransom's Mark

    In the summer of 1850, 13-year-old Olive Oatman and her family embarked with a wagon train down the Santa Fe Trail, seeking the new "promised land" of California.

    The Hallelujah Lass

    As a teenager growing up in nineteenth-century England, Eliza Shirley was the picture of a proper young lady. She loved crinolines, kid-leather gloves, and her best friend, Beck. But Eliza longed for more than an ordinary, middle-class life.

    Courage to Run

    Harriet Tubman was born a slave on a Maryland plantation in the 1800s. She trusts in God, but her faith is tested at every turn. Should she obey her masters or listen to her conscience?

    Freedom's Pen

    In 1761, a little girl who came to be named Phillis was captured and taken from all she'd ever known in Africa, and brought to America as a slave.