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Culture of Lies - Understanding Fake News and Its Spiritual Ramifications

Culture of Lies - Understanding Fake News and Its Spiritual Ramifications
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    ISBN: 9781693873225
    Author: Timothy Zebell
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    Nearly half of all Americans have a negative view of the news media. Only 44% say they can think of a news source that reports the news objectively, and 66% say news outlets do not do a good job of separating fact from opinion. Now we have a president who regularly calls mainstream news outlets “fake news.”
    • How did we get here?
    • What is fake news?
    • Who is truly to blame?
    • Is the label fair?
    • What are the spiritual ramifications of fake news?
    These questions and more are addressed in Culture of Lies.

    Culture of Lies documents the history and development of fake news in America, revealing how Americans are complicit in fostering a culture of lies. However, truth is not relative, and the spiritual ramifications of fake news are extensive, making it no over-reaction to say that fake news should be among our greatest concerns as Christian citizens. 

    Featuring over 1,250 footnotes, Culture of Lies catalogs dozens of examples of fake news reports among respected news outlets while providing a spiritual perspective to the significance of fake news in America.