Escape From the Island of Aquarius - Cooper Kids Adventure Series #2

Escape From the Island of Aquarius - Cooper Kids Adventure Series #2
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    ISBN: 9781581346190
    Author: Frank Peretti
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Crossway
    Series: Cooper Kids Adventure Series
    Ages: 10 to 14
    Accelerated Reader: Yes
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    When Jay and Lila Cooper travel with their archaeologist father to an exotic South Sea island, they find some mighty strange things going on! Could the arrogant, tyrannical leader of the island colony be the missing person they've been sent to find? If so, why is he acting so strange? As the Coopers attempt to solve the mystery, they encounter deadly perils--vicious poisonous snakes, fierce biting insects, bone-crunching earthquakes. The very foundations of the island seem to be jarring loose. Jay, Lila, and their dad must find a way to overcome the evil that holds the colonists in a death grip. But can they do it before the entire island breaks apart?

    A thrilling tale filled with adventure, mystery, and sudden danger that will hold readers' interest through the last exciting page. By the bestselling author of This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness.