Circle C Beginnings - Set of 6

Circle C Beginnings - Set of 6
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    Author: Susan K. Marlow
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Kregel
    Series: Circle C Beginnings
    Ages: 6 to 8
    Size: 5¼ X 8
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    In the Circle C Beginning series, you will meet young Andi Carter, who is eager to grow up and experience the exciting Wild West of the late 1800s. Fun pictures and Andi's curiosity will keep you turning the pages!

    Inside- Andi's Circle C Christmas

    Inside- Andi's Fair Surprise

    Titles include:

    Andi's Pony Trouble

    Andi wants a horse of her own more than anything. But Mother says Andi has to ride pokey old Coco. Andi is sure she's big enough for a horse—even if she's not so good at remembering to care for Coco. Can Andi show her family she's ready for her own horse? Or will she always be stuck riding a worn-out, hand-me-down pony?

    Andi's Indian Summer

    Andi wishes Riley had never read that scary old dime novel to her. Now she can't stop thinking about being captured by Indians. Then one hot day when she and Riley ride up to the creek, Andi hears something moving in the bushes. Is it a rabbit? Is it a skunk? Or is it... Indians?

    Andi's Fair Surprise

    If Andi can't take Taffy to the 1874 California State Fair, she doesn't want to go. What fun is a fair if Taffy can't win a blue ribbon? But the fair turns out to be so exciting that Andi is glad she came... until her brother tells her she can't keep the prize she won fair and square!

    Andi's Scary School Days

    Andi wants no part of school. School means being away from the ranch all day. School means wearing dresses and sitting next to a boy who throws dead flies at her. Andi didn't think she was afraid of anything—until now. Being sent to the corner for something she didn't do is just too much. Andi is leaving. And she's not going back.

    Andi's Lonely Little Foal

    It's time for Taffy to grow up. But that means leaving her mama. And staying by herself at night. Won't Taffy be lonely? Then a mean boy tells Andi that foals can get hurt or sick when they're away from their mothers. What if Johnny is right? How can Andi keep her little horse safe and happy?

    Andi's Circle C Christmas

    Andi loves Christmas! But her holiday is spoiled when a grumpy, bossy visitor arrives. No more running. No catching spiders. No wearing overalls. "Andrea, sit up straight." "Andrea, act like a lady." Can Andi do anything right? Then during an afternoon buggy ride, Andi finds out she can help this unwelcome guest in a way she never imagined.