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Business Builders - Set of 5

Business Builders - Set of 5
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    ISBN: 9781881508571
    Format: Reinforced Hardcover
    Publisher: Oliver Press
    Series: Business Builders
    Ages: 12 and up
    Size: 7¼ X 9¼
    Total Pages: 160
    For Grades: 6 and up
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    — Inside In Broadcasting

    Business Builders focuses on enterprising individuals who sought success in the world of commerce. Their contributions have changed the everyday lives of people around the world.

    — Inside In Toys and Games

    Features include:

    • Approximately 160 pages in each book
    • Index
    • Glossary
    • Source notes

    Titles include:

    In Broadcasting

    Presents profiles of notable figures in television broadcasting, including such businesspeople as David Sarnoff, Ted Turner, Catherine Hughes, and Judy McGrath.

    In Computers

    Profiles eight founders of the computer industry, including Thomas Watson, Jr. of IBM, An Wang of Wang Laboratories, Seymour Cray of Cray Research, Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore of Intel, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Apple Computers, and Steve Case of America Online.

    In Oil

    Profiles such pioneers in the oil industry as John D. Rockefeller, Marcus Samuel, William Knox D'Arcy, J. Paul Getty, and Robert O. Anderson.

    In Real Estate

    Profiles seven real estate developers: John Nicholson, John Jacob Astor, William Levitt, Del Webb, Walt Disney, Paul Reichmann, and the Ghermezian brothers.

    In Toys and Games

    Provides a history of the toy and game industry and profiles seven people who have succeeded in that realm.