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Bonnets and Bugles Series - Set of 10

Bonnets and Bugles Series - Set of 10
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    ISBN: 9780802409089
    Author: Gilbert Morris
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Moody Publishers
    Series: Bonnets and Bugles
    Ages: 12 and Up
    Size: 5½ X 8½
    Accelerated Reader: Yes
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    The Bonnets & Bugles Series tells the story of two close families as they find themselves on different sides of the Civil War after the fall of Fort Sumter in April 1861. Thirteen year old Leah becomes a helper in the Union army with her father, who hopes to distribute Bibles to the troops. Fourteen year old Jeff becomes a drummer boy in the Confederate Army and struggles with faith while experiencing personal hardship and tragedy. 

    Titles include:

    Drummer Boy at Bull Run

    To Jeff Majors and Leah Carter, the Civil War means a heartbreaking separation of fast friends. As Fort Sumter falls, Jeff's father makes a difficult decision to take his family out of Kentucky and return home to Richmond, Virginia. The two close families must say a sorrowful good-bye. Jeff and Leah determine to keep their friendship strong, in spite of being on opposite sides. As the war continues tragedy strikes again and again for the Majors family. Jeff and his family face sickness, imprisonment, even death. Unable to care for matters on his own, Jeff relies heavily on the friendship of Leah and her family. It is the Carter's kindness that helps Jeff make it through his own war, battle after battle.

    Yankee Belles in Dixie

    Jeff and Leah are growing up fast. Jeff, a drummer for the Confederate Army, is only fourteen, but he's fighting a man's war; a war that has taken his family from him. Fortunately, Leah's encouragement softens the pain, and her family fills him with hope and strengthens his faith. With North against South, state against state, each battle seems more brutal than the last. But despite the war, despite the fact that Leah and Jeff's families are on different sides, they share a strong, growing friendship. And on their birthday, they share the gift of a lifetime.

    The Secret of Richmond Manor

    Fourteen-year-old Leah Carter lives with her uncle in Virginia, tending to his illness and awaiting the end of the Civil War. As the hospitals fill, Uncle Silas volunteers the use of his home as a temporary medical center, and the two of them move to a house he owns in the country. But the house isn't empty! Somebody is stealing food and making strange noises in the night. Superstitious town folk believe it to be haunted, but Leah finds something even more frightening!

    The Soldier Boy's Discovery

    Fifteen-year-old Jeff Majors faces one difficulty after another as a drummer in the Confederate Army. But more than the Civil War is giving Jeff problems. What should he do about Leah, his lifelong good friend? What should he do about Ezra, that escaped Yankee prisoner who is obviously bidding for Leah's attention? At times she seems so stubborn, so totally wrong. What should he do about the traitor Lucy? Can he ever forgive her? See how Jeff and Leah sort out their problems—and learn valuable lessons—against the backdrop of the bloody Battle of Antietam.

    Blockade Runner

    Jeff is not jealous. Of course he isn't. It's just that a rich Southern boy and an escaped Yankee prisoner are both paying too much attention to his lifelong friend Leah. Follow Jeff Majors and Leah Carter as they become unexpectedly—and dangerously—involved in the sea action of the Civil War.

    The Gallant Boys of Gettysburg

    Gettysburg. Such a quiet little Pennsylvania town. Sarah Carter goes there to help out an old friend. Tom Majors—the soldier she loves—goes there with the Army of Northern Virginia. Neither of them know that Northern and Southern troops are about to clash at quiet little Gettysburg in the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. Tom fights his way into the town. He sees a girl running, dodging deadly shells, and is shocked to recognize Sarah. In this totally unexpected way they begin three days that will change their lives forever. See the Battle of Gettysburg through their eyes. Share their fears, their heartbreak, and learn what they learn—God is with His people even when life is tough.

    The Battle of Lookout Mountain

    As the war intensifies, two young men struggle to come to grips with life's changes. They were on opposite sides of the war but had been best friends since childhood. Royal comes home to Kentucky to recuperate from battle, and is surprised to see his old friend. Tom lost a leg in the Battle of Gettysburg. He no longer smiles. He refuses all offers of help. In the past, Tom had been excited, always looking to the future. Now, he has lost all hope. Royal knows he must find a way to help his friend. "God saved Tom's life, Royal says. "He's not through with him yet."

    Encounter at Cold Harbor

    The war between the North and South grinds on. Battles. Hard times. Divided families. Separated friends. Heartbreak. Leah Carter and Jeff Majors, sixteen and seventeen now, face a new set of personal problems as well. Come along with Jeff and Leah again as they learn to handle the ongoing uncertainties and staggering disappointments of life.

    Fire Over Atlanta

    How can boys be so dim-witted? Leah Carter wonders. Can't Jeff see that Lucy is just a flirt? Apparently not, so Leah decides to take matters into her own hands. I'll make him jealous. I'll make Jeff so jealous he won't even see Lucy Driscoll! And with that decision she unknowingly sets in motion a chain of events that spell nothing but big trouble. As the Civil War comes to a close, come along once again with Leah, Jeff, and their friends as they work through some serious mistakes, display courage in the midst of danger, and learn important lessons about getting along with the opposite sex.

    Bring the Boys Home

    The war is over. The soldier boys can go home. No more fighting. No more trouble. Nothing but happiness from now on for Tom and Sarah and Jeff and their friends. Right? Wrong. Join the action as Tom and Jeff and Royal discover that a young man sometimes needs battlefield courage just for everyday life.