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Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur - Set of 12

Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur - Set of 12
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    Author: Luke Sharpe
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster
    Series: Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur
    Ages: 8 to 12
    Size: 5 X 7½
    Accelerated Reader: Yes
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    Meet Billy Sure, twelve-year-old inventor and CEO of Sure Things, Inc., and discover all of his wild and wacky inventions in this start to a hilarious middle grade series!

    Titles include:

    Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur

    Billy is hosting an online contest for other kid-inventors to share their inventions, and the winning submission will be produced by his company. Ideas like the Sibling Silencer, No-Wash socks, and a pencil that does all your work start pouring in. With so many great ideas, how is Billy supposed to pick a winner?

    And that's not all, Billy also has to keep the secret that could take him from hero to zero in a flash if anyone found out. Can Billy Sure find a way to stay on top of the world and help other kids achieve their dreams at the same time?

    Billy Sure and the Stink Spectacular

    Billy Sure is many things: CEO of Sure Things, Inc., a sleepwalking seventh-grader, and now he's adding spy to the list! When Billy finds out he's been exchanging emails with a corporate spy from a rival company, he's not happy. So he enlists the help of his mother and his best friend and CFO, Manny, to set a trap to catch the shady email imposter before he can reveal Sure Things, Inc.'s valuable secrets!

    Meanwhile, Billy and Manny are arguing about Billy's newest invention—the Stink Spectacular. Billy thinks the Stink Spectacular is the next All Ball, but Manny's not convinced. Can Billy save his company from sabotage, come up with his next big invention, and survive his dad's terrible cooking?

    Cat-Dog Translator

    Who hasn't wondered what their cat's meow or their dog's bark meant? The Cat-Dog translator is a device that will finally let pet owners in on what their pets are really trying to say.

    But Billy quickly finds out, when pets start talking there's no telling what kinds of embarrassing secrets they could reveal! Is the world ready for Billy Sure to unleash his latest invention?

    Billy Sure and the Best Test

    Everyone is talking about Billy Sure, the twelve-year-old genius and millionaire inventor whose inventions have become instant hits. Billy's lucky because in addition to being a rich and famous inventor, he already knows what he's best at: inventing, or course! He wants to help other kids figure out what they're best at too, and his latest invention—The Best Test—will do just that!

    But when Billy takes the test himself and the results come back saying he isn't the best at inventing, and what he's best at has nothing to do with inventing at all, he begins to wonder who is. And what that means for the future of Sure Things, Inc.

    Billy Sure and the No-Trouble Bubble

    People all around the world can't get enough of their latest product, the Gross-to-Good Powder. Now even the most disgusting foods taste delicious. But what's next for Billy and Manny? How about a challenge? Like a televised special to find Sure Things, Inc.'s Next Big Thing. Tons of kids pile into the studio to present their invention ideas. Some ideas are wacky, some are wild, and some have the potential to change the world as we know it! Who will win?

    Billy Sure Is a Spy!

    Billy's mom has always claimed that she is a scientist doing research for the government, but Billy suspected there was more to the story. It turns out he was right–his mom is a spy! And now she has enrolled him in spy school so he can create inventions for her top-secret spy unit. Billy is thrilled, especially because he gets to try out lots of awesome spy gadgets! But when Billy creates a special invention for his mom, the blueprints mysteriously disappear. Who could have taken them? Is there a double agent at spy school? It's up to Billy to find out!

    Billy Sure and the Haywire Hovercraft

    Billy and Manny know exactly what Sure Things, Inc.'s Next Big Thing will be–a hovercraft! But when they start to build it, they notice it's a little... haywire. The hovercraft dips, dives, twirls, and spins, until one day it's gone entirely, and so is Emily! Can Billy find his sister and fix the hovercraft, or will this be a crash landing for Sure Things, Inc.?

    Billy Sure and the Invisible Inventor

    Billy has been working on an invisibility invention for years–but it isn't quite right yet. Now suddenly there's a new inventor on the scene who claims to have developed the perfect way to make people disappear. Is there a way for these two rival inventors to work together, or will Billy's dream of creating the world's first invisibility spray disappear?

    Billy Sure Is Not a Singer!

    Billy and Manny are thrilled to be guest judges on Sing Out and Shout, everyone's favorite singing competition TV show–that is, until they find out they're not judges, they're contestants! When Manny sings, everyone cheers. But when Billy takes the stage, his voice CRACKS and breaks a mirror! Maybe it's finally time for Billy to invent a magical microphone...

    Billy Sure and the Everything Locator

    What's a kid entrepreneur to do when he loses his math homework? Invent the Everything Locator, of course! Billy's next invention is a device that will find any lost item and return it. But the Everything Locator has one teeny, tiny problem... it returns every item that Billy has ever lost, all at once! Will Billy find a way to make everything right with the Everything Locator? Will he even be able to dig his way out of this pile of junk?


    Billy Sure vs. Manny Reyes Kid Entrepreneur

    It's a friendly switcheroo at Sure Things, Inc.! Manny decides to roll out Sure Things, Inc.'s Next Big Thing–the Candy Toothbrush. It's everyone's dream come true: a toothbrush that makes toothpaste taste like candy! Of course, every good inventor needs a good CFO, so Billy steps up to the plate. But is Manny a better kid inventor than Billy? And does Sure Things, Inc. have room for the both of them?

    Billy Sure and the Attack of the Mysterious Lunch Meat

    There's something mysterious oozing its way down the Fillmore Middle School cafeteria, and yup–it's more mysterious than normal! There's a new lunch lady in charge, and her menu is so terrible it can't be solved with Gross-to-Good Powder. But there's something else mysterious too. Everyone who eats the new food turns into a zombie! Is this a food fight that Sure Things, Inc. can't win?