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Big Bible Science 2 - More Experiments

Big Bible Science 2 - More Experiments
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    Author: Erin Lee Green
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
    Ages: 7 to 12
    Size: 8¼ X 10¾
    Total Pages: 112
    For Grades: 1 to 6
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    Big Bible Science 2 helps children and those who teach them to explore God’s World and God’s Word through real world science experiments. There are twenty–one different units taking students through scientific concepts such as Potential and Kinetic energy, Levers, Pulleys, Chemical Reactions, Condensation and Symbiosis.

    God creates young minds to ask questions and seek answers. This book is designed to stir the imaginations of students and develop a lasting love for Christ. The units are fun, interesting, and affirm the biblical worldview of creation. Big Bible Science is written to appeal to various ages and learning styles. This material is ideal for homeschoolers or classroom–based activities. It is for the head and the heart: a good mix of solid science and inspirational devotions.

    Each unit has:

    • Objectives: These are the science learning goals.
    • Materials: What you need before each lesson
    • The Big Idea: A scientific explanation of the lesson that also ties in a biblical perspective.
    • Activities: Demonstrations, games and experiments.
    • Apply it: Ideas about how to find examples of the lesson in your world.
    • Go Beyond: For more advanced students this will challenge them to think and experiment further.

    Units in Big Bible Science 2:

    • Potential & Kinetic Energy
    • Simple Machines in a playground
    • Mechanical Advantage of a Lever
    • Fixed Pulley: Changing the Direction of Force
    • Angular Momentum & Centripetal Motion
    • Buoyancy of Boats
    • Law of Conservation of Matter
    • Indicators of a Chemical Reaction
    • Heat Capacity & Specific Heart
    • Condensation
    • Colligative Properties
    • Symmetry of Nature
    • Deciduous and Evergreen Trees
    • Plant a Bean
    • Parts of a Plant at the Dinner Table
    • Symbiosis
    • Bird Population Study
    • Endoskeleton versus Exoskeleton
    • Carnivores, Herbivores & Omnivores: The Food Chain
    • How the Moon Shines
    • Weathering & Erosion