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Bible Alive Jesus Series - Set of 14

Bible Alive Jesus Series - Set of 14
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    Author: Carine MacKenzie and Graham Kennedy
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Christian Focus
    Series: Bible Alive
    Ages: 7 to 11
    Size: 5¾ X 8¼
    Total Pages: 24
    Accelerated Reader: No
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    Inside- Jesus the Storyteller

    Titles include:

    Jesus the Child

    Jesus means so many things to different people... but once he was a child. The baby, visited by shepherds and wise men in Bethlehem, became the man who performed miracles, healed sickness and showed the people who God is. The Son of God came to Bethlehem, where there was no room for him at the inn... but you can make room for Jesus in your heart.

    Jesus the Healer

    Jesus means so many things to different people... but to many people he was known as the one who healed. He healed lepers, made the lame walk and gave the blind back their sight. His amazing powers over death and sickness showed he was special... his power came from God, his Father. Jesus' power can make a difference to our lives. Ask him to help you.

    Jesus the Miracle Worker

    Jesus means so many things to different people... but he also is the Miracle worker who calmed the storm, made water into wine and fed 5,000 people with just a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish. The powerful Son of God not only did amazing things with bread and wine and waves—he changed lives.

    Jesus the Saviour

    Jesus means so many things to different people... but it is so wonderful that he can be our Savior. He came as a child to Bethlehem but in the end he went to the cross to die. He died so that those who believe in him can have forgiveness of sins and go to live with him, in heaven. Jesus died and came back to life to show us that those who love him can look forward to spending forever with him—because he is our wonderful Savior.

    Jesus the Storyteller

    Jesus means so many things to different people... but he was also a great storyteller. Jesus would gather the people around him and tell them wonderful truths about God. He told them about how loving God was and how he hated all sin. But Jesus also told them and us how to become children of God. The storyteller told the truth... and he tells it to us. We must believe in him.

    Jesus the Teacher

    Jesus means so many things to different people... but he is also a teacher because he helps us understand the wonderful truth about God his father. He taught people that God wants us to obey him and love him and that he loves us. Jesus taught about forgiveness and he teaches us that we can be forgiven too if we just ask God.

    Moses the Traveller: Guided By God

    Moses is now in the desert again. There are problems and set backs—but he has help, he is being guided by the Lord God. The people of God are travelling to the land that God has promised them. The desert that Moses once knew as a shepherd, he now crosses as the leader of a whole nation. But will he be able to lead them all the way? God is the guide—so it's he who decides.

    Moses the Shepherd: Chosen By God

    Moses wasn't born a prince—but everyone now knows him as the son of Pharaoh's daughter.

    He is a Hebrew—but unlike the rest of his people, Moses has plenty of riches and nothing to fear. However, God has chosen him for something greater than royalty.

    Moses the Child: Kept By God

    As Egyptian soldiers search the countryside for any Hebrew baby boy they can find—a young mother does all she can to save her newborn son.

    Read the first part of Moses' story—his dramatic rescue and how the one true God kept this little boy alive to do great things.

    Moses the Leader: Used By God

    Moses finds himself back in Egypt where God's plan for his life starts to unfold. Re-united with his brother, Aaron, Moses finds himself back in the royal court—but he's no longer welcome there.

    Moses is taking a message to Pharaoh that he does not want to hear. God wants his people to be free and he has chosen Moses to lead them out of slavery in Egypt.

    David the Shepherd: A Man of Courage

    To be a man of courage you have to be brave when you face danger. David learned about courage while he protected his flock of sheep from wild animals. This helped him later on when he faced one of Israel's greatest enemies on the battlefield. All that David had was a sling and a handful of small stones to protect him.

    David the King: True Repentance

    To have true repentance you must truly be sorry for your sins. You will turn away from them and turn to God. God is the only one who can forgive sins. David found this out when Nathan the Prophet spoke to him.

    David the Fugitive: True Friendship

    To be a true friend you need to put others before yourself. David and Jonathan were true friends. But David learned throughout his life that there was one friend who was always faithful, always trustworthy—the Lord God.

    David the Soldier: A Man of Patience

    To be a man of patience you have to be willing to wait and trust in God. David learned patience as he waited to become king and waited for God's plans to be fulfilled.