Beyond the Orphan Train - Set of 4

Beyond the Orphan Train - Set of 4
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    Author: Arleta Richardson
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Cook Communications
    Series: Beyond the Orphan Train
    Ages: 8 to 12
    Size: 5¼ X 7½
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    In the early 1900s countless orphans rode the Orphan Train West in search of new homes and new lives. This series is based on the true story of Ethan Cooper. At just eight-years-old, Ethan must work to keep his brothers and sisters together. Travel back to 1907 Pennsylvania and the journey West for these orphans.

    Titles include:

    Looking for Home

    Ethan, Alice, Simon, and Will settle into the Briarlane Christian Children's Home, where there's plenty to eat, plenty of work, and plenty of talk about a Father who never leaves. Even so, Ethan fears losing the only family he has. How can he trust God to keep him safe when almost everything he's known has disappeared?

    Whistle-Stop West

    Ethan and his siblings encounter their first dust storm, explore train cars, and watch friend after friend leave with new parents. The children dream that soon they will have a new ma and pa too.

    Prairie Homestead

    The kids discover that life on a farm is full of challenges. Ethan learns how to drive a plow, watch for snakes, and deal with bullies at the country school. Alice learns to slop the hogs and live with a big sister who isn't exactly welcoming. Will seems to be the only one of the four that their new mother likes. And Simon disappears—again.

    Across the Border

    Mr. Rush makes an unexpected announcement. The family is moving to Mexico! Ethan is scared. What dangers will they face in another country? What will it be like to live on an oil homestead instead of a farm? And what about his dreams of getting an education? He can't leave his siblings after promising they'd stay together—can he?