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Ashamed of the Gospel - When the Church Becomes Like the World, Third Edition

Ashamed of the Gospel - When the Church Becomes Like the World, Third Edition
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    Author: John MacArthur
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Crossway
    Size: 6 X 9
    Total Pages: 304
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    In the late 1800s, Charles Spurgeon warned that the church was drifting away from the purity of the gospel, candy-coating God's Word rather than boldly proclaiming the truths of Scripture.  Over one hundred years later, John MacArthur is sounding the same alarm.

    Issuing a warning against preaching and teaching a shallow gospel that neither offends nor convicts anyone, MacArthur calls us back to a firm and humble reliance on the power of sovereignty of God for salvation and to resist compromising our proclamation of God's Word.

    Table of Contents:

    Preface to the 2010 Edition
    Preface to the 1993 Edition

    1. Christianity on the Down-Grade
    2. The User-Friendly Church
    3. Gimme That Show-Time Religion
    4. All Things to All Men
    5. The Foolishness of God
    6. The Power of God unto Salvation
    7. Paul on Mars’ Hill
    8. The Sovereignty of God in Salvation
    9. I Will Build My Church
    10. Interlude
    11. Carried About by Every Wind
    12. Spiritual Adultery

    Appendix 1 Spurgeon and the Down-Grade Controversy
    Appendix 2 Spurgeon Speaks to Our Time
    Appendix 3 Charles Finney and American Evangelical Pragmatism
    Appendix 4 Carnal vs. Spiritual Wisdom